Different Packaging Machines & Their Applications

Packaging machinery is used extensively in a plethora of industries performing all the packaging operations. These operations include- cleaning, filling, sealing, combining, labeling, overwrapping, palletizing, etc. The various machines required to perform these functions are:

  • Washing Machine: The washing machine segment includes various equipments such as- bottle washing machine, vial washing machine, ampoule washing machine. It is considered as machinery of utmost importance in the pharmaceutical industry. The vials, ampoules, bottles must be kept clean and should be free from adulteration in order to keep the contents free from any contaminants.
  • Airjet Cleaning Machine: The Airjet cleaning machine makes use of a series of jet for cleaning of the containers. The bottles are loaded and moved towards the washing zone with the help of a conveyor. It then passes through a series of jets present in the chamber which collects all the dirt and dust from the bottle and places it in the dust collection bag. There are 3 types of Airjet clean machine- Semi Airjet Cleaning Machine, Airjet Vacuum Cleaning Machine, Linear Airjet Cleaning Machine.
  • Filling Machine: This filling machine finds a lot of application in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. The powder filling machine fills the container with the contents in the powder form. The Liquid filling machine is mostly employed in pharmaceuticals to fill up the medications in the bottles, vials or ampoules. Tube filling machine enjoys numerous application in the cosmetic industry for filling ointment, cream, lotion, toothpaste or any solid material in a plastic tube. These filling machines also ensure that the containers are properly sealed after filling to protect the contents from getting in contact from the outside environment.
  • Capping Machine: The Capping machine or Cap sealing machine are particularly used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and oil & chemical industries for placing a cap on top of the containers for effective sealing. There are several types of capping machine, namely- Screw capping machine, Pick & Place type screw capping machine, ROPP capping machine, Vial cap sealing machine. These machines have No Container-No cap arrangement which makes sure that the machine stays idle when there is no container available.
  • Inspection Machine: The inspection machine examines the glass bottles and flexible containers and performs a high precision inspection. It also checks for a printed or unprinted and clear or semitransparent container. Roller inspection conveyor, Inspection conveyor, Online inspection conveyor machine are some of the types of inspection machine. These machines are used in food industries to make sure that container is packed with precision avoiding the presence of any contaminants.
  • Labeling Machine: The labeling machine is used to put a label on the products to show information regarding product details, company information, etc. It is a very important machinery especially for the pharmaceutical & food industry as the product specification plays a major role. The different types of labeling machine include wet glue labeling machine & self-adhesive sticker labeling machine, etc. Self-adhesive sticker labeling machine includes automatic vial sticker labelling machine, ampoule sticker labeling machine, automatic horizontal self-adhesive labeling machine, automatic double-side sticker labelling machine, automatic vial sticker labeling machine, Flat/Square bottle labeling machine, and self-adhesive bottle sticker labeling machine.
  • Cartoning Machine: The cartoning machine manufactures foldable cartoons, fills it with the products with the ends open and then cover it with the flaps stuck together by a suitable adhesive. It is used for packaging bulk containers in a cartoon so that the containers are safely shipped or transported without any occurrence of damage. Different types of packaging machine include- Semi-automatic linear cartoning machine, Automatic cartoning machine.

Summary: Packaging machines are required in numerous industries, such as- pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, etc. It includes all the machine required for performing operations, namely- washing, cleaning, filling, sealing, inspecting, labeling, and cartooning.

The Bottom Line: There are several types of packaging machinery, like- washing machine, Airjet cleaning machine, filling machine, capping machine, Inspection machine, labeling machine, & cartooning machine. These machines take care of the entire process ranging from bottle-washing, filling & capping to its inspection. It then also labels these containers and from there it is placed in cartoons to ensure safe transit.

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