Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine

The Semi Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine is compact unit totally made of M.S. Angle structure encompassed with S.S. Coverings with height adjustment legs, are provided to adjust the machine height and highly efficient machine with elegant look. This multifunctional multi featured machine meets the GMP requirements of carton opening and closing. The machine operates on the linear principle.

Operation of Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine

The cartons loaded in the carton loading channel are picked up with vacuum cup transferred to rotating pockets which moves into linear motion over the bottom closing unit which closes the carton bottom. Then after the operators feed the product into cartons manually. The filled cartons are then moves further in linear motion in pockets under the top closing unit which closes the top. Finally pocket releases the cartons on conveyor.

Technical Specification of Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine

Model PALC-80/120
Output / Hour* 4800 to 7200
Direction of Machine** Left to Right
Main motor 2.0 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz
Vacuum Pump 1.00 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz
Working height 850 to 900 mm
Machine Dimension 3500 mm (L) x 1250 mm (W) x 1200 mm (H)
Case Dimensions 3700 mm (L) x 1400 mm (W) x 1400 mm (H)
Net Weight 1000 Kg.
Gross Weight 1450 Kg.

Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine Input Specifications:

Carton size 40 mm to 80mm (Length)
15mm to 80 mm (Width)
40mm to 200mm (Height)
Note: * Depends on tube size and fill volume size.
** We can supply as per customer requirements.
*** With help of change parts.

Salient Features of Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine

  • Clutch operated machine to avoid damage to machine
  • Vacuum Gauge.
  • Moving Pockets
  • High efficient Vacuum Pump for smooth and easy opening of cartons
  • Manual loading and automatic unloading cartons
  • Easy operating system

Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine Utility Requirement:

Electrical supply 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
Electrical load 1.29 KW

FAQs about Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine

What industries can benefit from using the Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine?

The Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine is versatile and suitable for industries across various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage, and consumer goods. It is designed to streamline the cartoning process for products packaged in cardboard cartons.

How does the Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine ensure efficient carton handling?

This machine operates on a linear principle, where cartons are loaded into the carton loading channel and picked up by a vacuum cup. These cartons are then transferred to rotating pockets that move linearly. Operators manually load products into the cartons, which are subsequently sealed using a bottom closing unit for the carton's base and a top closing unit for its top. The system ensures smooth and efficient handling of cartons throughout the packaging process.

What are the main features that set the Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine apart?

Key features of Semi-Automatic linear cartooning machine include a clutch-operated mechanism to prevent machine damage, a high-efficiency vacuum pump for seamless carton opening, and moving pockets that facilitate continuous carton movement. The machine also boasts an easy-to-use interface for operators, manual loading of cartons with automatic unloading, and a robust stainless steel structure with adjustable height legs for durability and flexibility.

What types of carton sizes and product dimensions can the Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine handle?

The PALC-80/120 model accommodates carton sizes ranging from 40 mm to 80 mm in length, 15 mm to 80 mm in width, and 40 mm to 200 mm in height. This versatility allows it to handle a wide range of product dimensions, making it suitable for packaging various types of bottles, jars, vials, and other products that require cartoning.

What are the utility requirements for operating the Semi-Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine?

The machine requires a 3-phase electrical supply with neutral and earthing, with an electrical load of 1.29 kW. It is designed to operate on 415 Volts and 50 Hz power, ensuring stable performance and compatibility with industrial electrical systems. These utility requirements support reliable and efficient operation of the cartoning machine in production environments.

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