Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine

Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine Main Features

  • Parts in contact with the product are completely made of SS316L stainless steel
  • Independent brushless motors, for versatile machine configuration, making each function independent.
  • Designed for installation under a laminar flow hood.
  • Easy to use, with simple size change-over
  • Conforms To GMP standards.
  • Proven High Quality Hot air sealing System for plastic & laminated tubes.
  • Hot air polythene/laminate tubes
  • Hot Pincers for polythene/laminate tubes.
  • Easy Setting
  • The pressure applied by the sealing/coding pincers is set directly on the closing blocks using micrometric adjustment.
  • The Result: maximum closing and coding precision.
  • Maximum flexibility and modularity
  • Reduced initial investment.
  • Tube feeding system : cassette magazine type

Technical Specification of Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine

Type Linear Type, Fully Automatic
Number of Stations 42
Suitable for type of tubes Aluminum, Plastic/Laminated tubes
Output (Tubes/Hour) (Max) 7,200 tubes /hr. (Depends upon the viscosity of the filling material, and the fill volume)
Tube Diameter Lami / PL (Min – Max) 12 - 50 mm
Tube Diameter Aluminum (Min – Max) 12 - 35 mm
Tube Height (Min – Max) 85 mm – 250 mm
Filling Range 3 ml – 250 ml (With Interchangeable syringe pumps)
Syringe pump size 3 ml – 30ml, 30 ml – 100 ml , 100 ml – 250 ml
Filling accuracy + 1% of fill weight
Product Types to be handled Cream, Gel, Ointment, Toothpaste and Paste
Hopper Capacity 50 Ltr.
Utility supply in customer scope Filtered dry compressed air 6-8 kg pressure. Chilled water supply of 5 degree.
Weight 1500 kg

Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine Operation

Step 1: Manual Tube loading - Empty tubes are loaded into the in-feed device.

Step 2: Auto Tube feeding - Empty tubes, comes down from the cassette on a slider plate. The tilter holds the tube & lodges it into the tube holders

Step 3: Tube pushing - After lodging tubes in tube holder, tubes centering / pressing done

Step 4: Eye mark sensor and orientation - Eye mark sensor sense the eye mark printed on the tube and positions the tubes accordingly.

Step 5: Tube cleaning - After orientation tubes are cleaned with blowing air inside. (Optional)

Step 6: Tubes filling - Tube filling is done on this station. The No tube – No fill device which prevents the dosing action if tube is not present, which helps in avoiding wastage and spillage of cream.Shut-off nozzle, which eliminates product dripping and maintains high accuracy of filling. A plunger in the nozzle helps the shut-off action. A blow-off system is also provided to control product stringing.

After filling the Plastic/ Laminated below operation take place

Step 7 heating - Heating station wherein compressed air is blown through a hot-air tool on the inside of the tube. When the tube is lifted for heating, a cooling ring (chilled water is circulated through it) centers the tube so that heating is uniform around the tube as also to ensure that the outside portion of the tube is not heated. The blown air is drawn out by suction provided by a blower, connected in reverse.Pump for circulation of chilled water is provided.

Step 8 Sealing & Printing - Sealing and coding unit which first seals the heated part of the tube, and then codes on the seal with metal stereos & then move ahead for cutting extra parts of tubes.

Step 9 Cutting - For Lami/Plastic tubes Pneumatic trimming unit, which trims the irregular end portion of the tube. An extractor is provided for collecting the trimmed chips, in a bin, by suction.

Step 10 Discharge - he filled and sealed tubes are discharged and collected in the collection bin through discharge tray.

After filling the Aluminium Tubes below operation take place

Step 7A - After filling aluminum tubes 1st Folding done

Step 8A - Tube 2nd Folding done on this station & then tubes move ahead for batch coding.

Step 9A - Batch Coding - For Aluminum tubes Individual Pneumatic operated batch-coding station. Where coding done on the folded area with metal stereos.

Step 10: Discharge - The filled and sealed tubes are discharged and collected in the collection bin through discharge tray.

FAQs about Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine

The Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine by Parth Engineers & Consultant is distinguished by its construction, with all product-contact parts made from SS316L stainless steel to ensure maximum hygiene and durability. It features independent brushless motors for versatile configuration, allowing each function to operate independently. The Linear tube filler is designed for installation under a laminar flow hood, adhering to GMP standards for optimal cleanliness and operational safety. It includes a proven high-quality hot air sealing system suitable for both plastic and laminated tubes, with hot pincers for precise sealing. The linear tube filling machine also boasts easy setting adjustments with micrometric control for sealing and coding precision, offering maximum flexibility and modularity with a reduced initial investment.

The operation of the Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine is systematic and efficient. Initially, empty tubes are manually loaded into the in-feed device. These tubes are then automatically fed from the cassette onto a slider plate, where they are held and positioned into tube holders. The eye mark sensor then accurately orients the tubes based on pre-printed marks. Optionally, the tubes can be cleaned with blowing air. The filling process occurs at the next station, utilizing a no tube-no fill device to prevent wastage and a shut-off nozzle to avoid dripping and ensure high filling accuracy. After filling, tubes undergo heating, sealing, coding, and trimming processes, all performed automatically. Finally, the filled and sealed tubes are discharged into a collection bin, ready for the next stage of processing.

The model PLTFM 120 Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine is a fully automatic linear type machine featuring 42 stations, suitable for aluminum, plastic, and laminated tubes. It can achieve a maximum output of 7,200 tubes per hour, depending on the viscosity and fill volume of the material. The machine accommodates tube diameters from 12 mm to 50 mm for laminated tubes and 12 mm to 35 mm for aluminum tubes, with heights ranging from 85 mm to 250 mm. It supports filling ranges from 3 ml to 250 ml with interchangeable syringe pumps, maintaining a filling accuracy of +1% of fill weight. The machine is designed to handle products such as creams, gels, ointments, toothpaste, and paste, with a hopper capacity of 50 liters. It requires filtered dry compressed air at 6-8 kg pressure and a chilled water supply at 5 degrees.

The Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine ensures product quality through several advanced features and precise operations. The SS316L stainless steel construction of all product-contact parts prevents contamination and maintains product integrity. The no tube-no fill mechanism prevents wastage and ensures that only properly positioned tubes are filled, while the shut-off nozzle eliminates dripping, ensuring precise and clean filling. The machine's heating, sealing, and coding operations are finely controlled through micrometric adjustments, guaranteeing consistent and reliable sealing and coding. Additionally, the machine's ability to handle a wide range of tube sizes and products ensures versatility and adaptability, maintaining high-quality standards across various applications.

Choosing Parth Engineers & Consultant for tube filling needs ensures access to cutting-edge technology, reliable performance, and superior customer support. The Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machine's robust construction, precise filling mechanisms, and high-speed operations meet the demanding requirements of modern manufacturing environments. The machine enhances production efficiency, upholds product integrity, and complies with industry regulations, making it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other industries. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Parth Engineers & Consultant provides custom solutions that empower businesses to achieve operational excellence and gain a competitive edge in the market.
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