All About Ampoule Washing Machine And Labelling Machine

The Ampoule washing machine is a state of the art device which is designed to clean several ampoules with minimal contact with the container and other machine parts. The equipment features a specially designed auto gripping mechanism which holds several ampoules in the upper neck, reverses them and simultaneously cleans them all from the lower feed tray. It can handle both soft and hard water without any hassle. The machine operates with two push buttons and automatically positions itself for maximum cleaning power.

This machine is made up of vacuum insulation to enhance production rate and heat shielding to protect the motor, gearbox and bearings from overloads. It also features two cycles for drying the washed ampoule, each cycle having an adjustable temperature to cater to individual requirements. The dryer can be pre-heated to provide extra warmth for the drying process.

Important Features of Ampoule Washing Machine

Super-efficient ampoule washing machine features variable voltage and variable speed controls. The internal surface of the washer has two sliders and an adjustment knob for additional control. The adjustable air compression setting and output capacity allow you to regulate the drying output capacity.

The other important feature of the Parthec ampoule washing machine besides its superb performance and superior quality is its ability to automatically adjust the output pressure and speed based on the wash compressed air that is loaded into it. It has been designed for high pressure and high speed washing operations. Its external screen contains automatic safety controls and includes an emergency stop button.

Choose the Right Labelling Machine for Your Labelling Needs

Labelling machines are devices that print-and-apply or dispense labels to many objects, packages, products, containers. Labelling machines are widely used for different purposes. They can be categorized into general purpose labelling, label dispensing and label printing machines. All these machines have their own specific functions and specifications, and all the labels produced by them meet the requirements of all clients.

The type of labelling machine you use depends on the kind of products you want to label.

Linear Vial Washing Machine for Round Vials

Different Type of Labelling Machine

There are different categories of labelling systems like automatic horizontal self-adhesive labelling machine, automatic double side sticker labelling machine, automatic vial sticker labelling machine, Flat/Square bottle labelling machine, self-adhesive bottle sticker labelling machine, and ampoule sticker labelling machine,

Besides, there are also many kinds of labelling machine tools on sale in the marketplace. When buying equipment, first decide whether you need thermal labels, adhesive labels or magnetic labels. In addition, it is important to choose machines with compatible types of paper and ink cartridges. Some label applicator machines have ink feeders, roller applicators, and swivel applicators. Before deciding on the machine, you should read customer reviews to get an idea of what specific brand is worth your money.

In addition, there are also special effects labellers available for business applications. These are usually programmed to add bar codes, design logos, change color schemes, overlay images and create custom shapes. You can purchase high-end labels for bottles, cans, jars, caps and other bottle packages.

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