Cartoning Machine

Semi Automatic Rotary Cartoning Machine

A cartoning machine is a type of packaging machine that is used to manufacture different types of carton like erect, close, folded, side seamed, sealed cartons, etc. It is a very important piece of machinery for any industry as it produces cartons that make sure that the products are safely packaged. The cartons also ensure that less or no damage occurs to the products when they are shipped from one place to another. The cartoning machine is generally of two types: Semi Automatic Linear Cartooning Machine, Automatic Cartoning Machine. They are mostly employed for packaging bottled foodstuffs, confectionery, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

Salient Features of Cartoning Machines:

  • cGMP model.
  • Compatible to achieve your line speed controlled by ac frequency drive.
  • Less operator higher output cartoning machine.
  • High efficient Vacuum Pump for smooth and easy opening of cartons.
  • Manual loading and automatic unloading cartons.
  • Continuous motion cartoning machine for outputs ranging from 60 to 150 packs per minute.
  • Suitable for tubes, ampoules, vials, blistes, bottles or any other product that goes into a unit carton.
  • Automatic insertion of pre-folded leaflets is also possible with an optional leaflet insertion device.
  • Suitable for online cartoning of blisters, bottles, vials, vial+ampoule, bottle+dropper, tubes etc.
  • Suitable for tuck-in as well as glued type cartons.
  • Online leaflet folding and insertion/pre-folded leaflet (optional).
  • Carton rejection available.
  • Output upto 150 cartons/minute.

Applications of Cartoning Machine

Packaging is very important aspect for products as it is often related with product quality and hygiene. With years of research and development we have developed advanced cartoning machine with high tech features. Automatic cartoning machine is important equipment for the pharmaceutical industry as it is idle for tubes, vials, blistes, bottles, ampoules etc. Besides, cartoning machine is widely used in various industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food.

Technical Specification of Cartoning Machine:

Model PAHC-150
Output / Hour* 3600 to 9000
Direction of Movement Left to Right
Main Motor 2.0 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz
Vacum Pump 1.00 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz
Electrical Heater 3 Kw.
Carton size Minimum 15(T) x 20(W) x 60(Length)
Maximum 60(T) x 60(W) x 200(Length)
Carton GSM 280 to 350 depend upon carton size
Working height 850 to 900 mm
Machine Dimension 3800 (L) x 1650 (W) x 1400 (H) (mm)
Case Dimensions 4000 (L) x 1800 (W) x 1500 (H) (mm)

Cartoning Machine Video