Cartoning Machines And Their Benefits

Many types of products require carton and it is necessary to have an appropriate machine in order to package the product. A cartoning machine is responsible for making it erect, folded and sealed cartons. This machine is also known as the cartoner which serves the purpose of making it stand up straight, close and fold it, then finally side seeming and sealing.

A good example is a milk carton, that goes through a similar process. This article goes on to describe the type of cartoning machines, how they work and how it is beneficial to several industries.

Types of cartoning Machines

A cartoning packing machine can either a semi-automatic cartoning machine or an automatic cartoning machine. Besides which there are two main types of machines depending on orientation of the carton:

  • Horizontal Cartoning-Machine: The horizontal cartoning-machine includes insertion of the product from the side. This type of machine has an ability of operating in either continuous or intermittent mode. These machines have an option of automatic lateral loading as well. This type of machine has several applications in the food industry. It is useful for pizzas, cakes, rice, coffee, cereals, etc.
  • Vertical Cartoning-Machine:  The vertical cartoning-machine involves the process of feeding a carton through the machine in a vertical position. Depending on whether a machine is semi-automatic of automatic the product is inserted either manually or automatically. The product insertion process usually occurs from the top. Some of the common applications include rice, dry pasta, etc.
Semi Automatic Rotary Cartoning Machine

How it works

The cartoning machine converts a carton board blank into a carton filled the product. Alternatively, there is the option of filling multiple products in a single carton. This machine fills the cartons, applies adhesive to close both ends of the carton with the purpose of sealing it.

The way it works is a machine picks a single carton from a folded stack of cartons and erects it. It then fills it with the product or a bag of products (or multiple products). Once the products are filled via an open end it is then closed by tucking the end flaps of the carton. Alternatively, some machines also use glue or an adhesive of some kind. This type of machine has several applications like for food, confectionery, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

Benefits of a Cartoning-Machine

There are many advantages for a business to use this machine:

  • It helps increase efficiency.
  • The alternative is time-consuming labour that includes making of cartons, filling the product manually which can be quite an ordeal.
  • There are two types of cartoning machines, horizontal and vertical hence depending on type of the product the appropriate machine can handle either.
  • A cartoning machine can help with folding a carton, erecting it, and loading them into the carton too. They also finally secure the carton before discharging it from the machine.
  • This machine has an ability to handle many types of cartons like small to medium chipboard cartons that are suitable for many different types industries.
  • An automatic cartoning machine is very beneficial to a business since it completely automates packaging procedure.
  • The use of this machine is cost-effective, makes the process of quality control very simple hence results in maintaining high product standard as well.
  • It is the optimal product management solution.
  • Making use of a carton packing machine makes it possible for a firm to offer a high standard product at a very low market price.
  • These machines also reduce the chance of an error and aid in project management solution thus, help a firm on a small budget.
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