High-Performance Washing Machines for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Dairy Industries

Washing Machine

Parth Engineers & Consultant offers wide range of washing machines including bottle washing machine, vial washing machine, ampoule washing machine etc. that are been manufactured using high grade raw material & stainless steel according to industrial norms. Washing Machines are highly appreciated in industries because of its reliability, long working and high performance. This type of washing machine gives quick and efficient washing of bottles, vial, ampoule etc. Washing machines like bottle washing machine, vial washing machine, ampoule washing machine are most commonly used in industries like pharmaceutical, chemicals, cosmetics, dairy etc. Our washing machines are been manufactured for domestic and international markets using quality components & technology that meets the needs of our clients. We believe in quality & on time delivery. Our packaging equipment undergoes the stringent quality check before delivery to our clients.

Bottle Washing Machine

Parth Engineers & Consultant provides highly efficient variants of bottle washing machines customized to meet various needs. We offer 3 variants of High-Speed linear bottle washing machine and a single variant of Semi-Automatic Rotary bottle washing machine. The machine for bottle cleaning performs the washing operation in a very coherent manner thus providing higher outputs. Keeping in mind with its extensive usage in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemicals, cosmetics, dairy, etc machines are manufactured using high-grade raw materials & stainless steel following the industrial norms. Each and every component of this bottle washer machine has been designed keeping the smallest of the constraints in mind thus making our product long-lasting, durable and imperishable.

Bottle Washing Machine

Vial Washing Machine - Linear Vial Washing Machines, Rotary Vial Washer

We at Parth Engineers & consultant manufacture variety of Vial washing machines tailored to meet numerous applications. We supply 3 variants of High-Speed linear Vial washing machine, 2 variants of Rotary Vial washing machine and a single variant of External Vial washing machine. Due to its substantial amount of application in various industries machine has been designed with the utmost precision in order to ensure that there is a minimal amount of contact between the components of machine and container. The vial washer machines are manufactured using Industrial grade Raw materials followed up by methodical manufacturing steps in order to make it a compact model easier to handle and quite convenient to maintain thus making it a user-friendly machine. The vial washing machine is an important equipment in the industries since it helps to sterilize the vials before being filled with their respective content. It is very important to properly clean the vials as any presence of impurity or contaminant can seriously effect the integrity of the formulation. The vial washing machine is suitable for round and flat glass vial with the help of change parts.

Vial Washing Machine

Ampoule Washing Machine

Ampoule washing machine is used to remove the spillages from ampoules that are used extensively in pharmaceuticals to contain chemicals which must be protected from air and contaminants. We at Parth Engineers & consultant come up with 2 models of Ampoule washing machine namely External Ampoule washing machine and Multi-Jet vial & ampoule washing machine. The ampoule washer is deemed suitable for the usage of both Powder and liquid injectable line. Micro-Nozzles has been provided in the machine to dry up the bottom zone.

Ampoule Washing Machine
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