Vial Filling Machine In Pharmaceutical Industries

The vial filling line is extensively preferred in pharmaceutical industries for filling up the vials with the medicinal contents. These machines are highly durable and perform the precise operation of filling the vials. Vial filling machines also consist of multiple filling heads that enable them to achieve high filling rate and hence increased productivity.  There are many variants of vial filling machine suitable for different applications. The vial filling and bunging machine are felicitous for filling injectable glass vials.

The basic construction of the filling machine includes a conveyor and filling head. The filling head consists of multiple nozzles that precisely fill the vials with the required volume.

Characteristics of Vial Filling Machine

A vial filling machine comprises of the main machine, conveyor, unscrambler, scrambler, and a stopper feeding bowl. The conveyor is used to transfer the vials to the filling station where they are filled. The number of filling heads differ as per the application and can be 4, 6, 8, and 12. With 12 heads, the machine can attend up to 12000 vials per hour. Vial filling and sealing machine works on volumetric principle with diving nozzles. Apart from filling, the filling & stoppering machine also performs the operation of sealing by placing rubber stoppers on the top of vials.

Servo Base Plc Control Vial Filling With Pick and Place type Stoppering Machine

The vial filling & bunging machine is provided with safety guard for conveyor gearbox, motor, and pneumatic cylinders. It is designed to protect the components from any mishap and ensure a long life. The single dose of machine provides a filling accuracy of +/- 1 %. The vial filling and stoppering machine is mostly suitable for 1ml to 100ml filling range and it immediately places the stopper on the head of the vials as soon as they get filled. The vial stopping arrangement is through a pneumatic system. These filling & stoppering machines are enabled with no vial no filling system. This arrangement makes sure that no wastage of fill material is there in the absence of vial.

Working of a Vial Filling Machine

The vial filling machine consists of a SS slat conveyor on which the vials move and get transferred. From the conveyors, these vials are transferred to the filling station where they are filled with suitable content. The filling station may comprise of multiple heads that provides an option of faster operations. Number of heads can range from two to twelve. The vials after getting precisely filled are then transferred to the next station in which the stoppers are placed on the head of the vials. This makes sure that the vial remains unadulterated and the integrity of the product is preserved. It is very important to make sure that the pharmaceutical products are free from contaminants as they may seriously hamper their chemical composition. Any disturbance in the structure can play a major role in downgrading their medicinal value and hence they might not be effective in curing the diseases they were supposed to.

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