Types Of Labelling Machines For Pharmaceuticals & FMCG Industry

Labeling machine or labelers is the last consideration considered in a liquid filling line up. A high-quality labeling machine provides better efficiency, they can print very well print complex graphics designs and text at high speed. Many industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, FMCG, and food industries need labeling machines to provide information on the product like batch number, expiry date, administration information to make it user friendly and safe. There are several labelers available in the market:

Bottle labeling machine :

an automatic bottle labeler speeds up the labeling work in the industry by attaching self-adhesive stickers on a specific part or parts of the bottle. The modern automatic labeling machine operates on PLC technology and user-friendly interface operated in English or other native languages. The bottle sticker labeling machine can be used to apply sticker labels such as Vials, Jars, containers, canisters, Ampoules, and more. It can be even used to print labels aside from dispensing them.

Rotary Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine. PRSAL-240

Self-adhesive labeling machine:

the machine manufactures self-adhesive stickers and automatically puts it on the desired place like the front, back, or side on an oval, round, or square containers. It can automatically synchronize the system for product alignment with the top holding belt system. Sticker labeling machine: it comes pre-fitted with PLC, human-machine interface, and servo motors with gap sensors, driver, and product sensors. Machine conveyors receive

container from the upstream machine and feeding roller separates and assign space between containers according to label length and diameter of the bottle.

Vertical labeling machine:

vertical labelers are used normally for bottles, which are slightly tapered bottles and rectangular or square bottle that won’t easily label. The transmission type rolling ensures bottle labels to get attached more firmly. The square bottle labeling machine labels the container without bubble and wrinkle.

Bottle Labelling Machine

Wrap-around labeling machine :

wrap round machines are perfect for small-sized bottles and other round objects which are made from plastic, glass, HDPE, PET, etc. they are suitable for partial labeling and for contact coding systems.

Jar sticker labeling machine :

the equipment comes with a most modern microprocessor-controlled label dispensing system with the capability of labeling up to 100 units in a minute, depending upon label size & product diameter. The jar stickers can be labeled easily without changing the label application height. Wet glue machine: the round container is pushed to moving conveyer and positioned accurately by Feed-worm at point of labeling. The glue cylinder receives cold glue by rotating from glue pot and transfers it to glue rubber roller. Finally, a thin film of glue is received by a gluing pad. The rotating glue pad picks up a label from the oscillating label box and wraps around the container.

Top and bottom labeling machine :

they provide a huge technological advancement over single head labelers, by eliminating the need to run your product through two separate labeling line up and reducing efforts to perfect the placement across the systems. The top and bottom labelers can easily do it all by a single step in its set up.

Automatic labelers provide an edge over conventional setup and benefit the production line along with liquid fillers and packers.

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