Tips While Buying Bottle Filling Line

Bottle filling line is extensively used in myriad industries ranging from pharmaceutical, food, pesticides to cosmetics. The filling line provides one of the most efficient methods of packaging the bottles by filling with their suitable content. It is one of the most precise practices developed and therefore most of the industries make use of these filling machines in order to increase productivity. There are different types of bottle filling machines depending upon the number of heads, type of operation, etc. that depend on the application required. The machines are highly versatile and can be used for multiple operations but one must be careful enough to identify their needs and then procure these machines.

Factors on which Machine Procurement Depends


This is one of the most basic factors to decide what type of bottle filling line you want to install at your facilities. The cost of the machine depends on its ability to churn out output. For the small or medium scale industries that do not want to invest a lot of money, they can smartly opt for economical bottle filling machines which can increase the productivity of the plant at a relatively lower cost.

Production Requirements

This is probably the most deciding factor of the procurement of filling line for bottles. That is why, one of the most important tips for any industry, when they want to procure these machines, is to identify their production requirements. The multiple head bottle filling machines come with a different number of head options, like-2/4/6. As the number of head increases, the machine’s ability to attend the number of bottles also increases. Thus, for large scale industries who are required to produce large batch sizes of filled bottles; it is recommended to install multiple head bottles as it significantly increases the production rate of the unit.


Power Consumption

Different bottle filling lines have varying power requirements for the operation. It is one of the deciding factors of the better performance of the machine as if the machine is not fed with its required power rating, the performance of the machine may get seriously hampered and in the worst case can also lead to a shutdown. Thus, it is advisable to check the power supply of the location where the machine is to installed and match it with the requisite figure. If they both matches, then it is a safe bet to install the machine.

Mode of Operation

The mode of operation of the machines can be automatic or semi-automatic. Both of these modes have their specific requirements in different industries. Hence, one must be wise to identify which model is suitable for that particular application. The automatic mode requires little assistance and is a quite efficient mode of carrying the operation of bottle filling. Since there are sensors present in the machine, the entire operation becomes highly precise and accurate. Meanwhile, the semi-automatic mode requires a bit of human assistance and is ideal for the operations that require continuous changes in the setting or placement of the containers.

These are some important tips that one should keep in mind before procuring the bottle filling lines for the industrial setup. It will help in increasing the overall productivity of the unit in the most economical way possible.

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