All About Bottle Filling Line

The filling line is important equipment in the manufacturing industries enhancing the quality of the products. Mostly employed for packaging food, beverage, pharmaceutical products; they are also utilized in other industries as well. PET bottle filling line is used for beverages and is extensively used due to the fact that PET bottles are an economically viable option for most of the companies. There are different types of bottle filling machines as per the content that is to be filled in the containers. The content can be in the form of liquid or powders.

Liquid Filling Machine

The liquid filling machine is one of the most common packaging machinery employed in manufacturing industries. Applications include its usage as PET bottle liquid filling machine, shampoo filling line, disc cleaner filling line, etc. The filling station in these machines come up with multiple filling heads as per the application. Number of heads can range from two to eight that helps in increased production rate. The bottle filling line has an elegant matt finished body that makes the machine durable and imparts it an aesthetically pleasing look. The “No Bottle No Filling “system makes sure that the machine is not operating if there is no bottle in the filling station. The shampoo filling line has separate A/C drives for main motor & conveyor belt resulting in high power operations. It has inbuilt protection against over current, voltage fluctuation, short circuit in A/c frequency drive. High speed liquid line, as the name suggests, is ideal for handling a large number of containers in the industries for faster output rates. It also performs the operation of placing caps on the head of the containers after they are filled in order to protect them from getting contaminated.

Injectable Liquid Filling & Stoppering Machine

Powder Filling Line

Powder filling line is a type of filling line that is used to fill the containers with the powders that are in the form of free flow or non-free flow. These powders can be filled in containers, pouches, etc. as per the requirement. In the pharmaceutical industries, injectable powder filling line is preferred for accurate filling of vials. It also accommodates a mechanism for placing rubber stoppers.
Injectable Powder Filling Machine

The machine is manufactured using high quality raw materials that make it sturdy for prolonged operations. Injectable liquid filling line is mostly used for round containers and comprises of built in turn tables. Placed at In-feed & Out-feed, the turn tables come with individual drives to match the speed of vials that are incoming & outgoing for trouble-free operation. Injectable powder filling machine comes in a number of variants as per the number of dosage for varying application requirements. Number of dosages can range from single to four.

The Bottom-Line: Parthec manufactures high quality liquid filling machines for different industries that manufacture the products in their facilities. The machines are felicitous for application in industries like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. We, at Parthec, ensure that the supplied machines are developed following all the laid manufacturing standards. These machines have a sturdy structure that imparts durability and produces high output rate.

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