Pharmaceutical Vial Labeling And Washing Machine

A pharmaceutical vial labeling machine can be a useful tool in the production of various pharmaceutical products. With a speed of up to 200 to 300 vials per minute, these machines can process a wide variety of pharmaceutical containers. They are designed to be easy to use and can be integrated into existing production environments. A typical unit has multiple capacities and features such as a height-adjustable version and multiple product sizes. This piece of machinery can print labels in a range of languages.

Important Features of Vial Labeling Machine

A pharmaceutical vial labeling machine comes with many features. The pharmaceutical vial labeling machine is a linear design, microprocessor-controlled system. It applies labels to a large variety of containers. Its unique synchronized speed control system provides a smooth, accurate, and repeatable process. Furthermore, its servo-driven applicators can automatically apply different labels for different sizes and shapes. The FDA has approved these automated systems for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

A pharmaceutical vial labeling machine must be highly accurate. It must have an integrated control system and an advanced vision system to ensure label accuracy. The HMI (human-machine interface) allows for easy visualization of the shift register. The Vision inspection also checks the identity of the labels. Besides, the information printed on the labels is checked before the application of the final label. The HMI is also helpful in checking the accuracy of the machine.

A pharmaceutical vial sticker labeling machine is a fully automatic, user-friendly, and highly efficient machine. It can handle round bottles of all diameters, ranging from 15 mm to 100 mm. This type of medical device is designed to meet the industry’s standards. It can be configured to handle the different dimensions and types of packaging.

Several Benefits of Vial Labeling Machines

A pharmaceutical vial labeling machine is also important for the production of medicine. This type of machine labels different kinds of bottles. It can also label round containers and bottles. Moreover, it can label a variety of types of medications. A bottle labeling machine can easily accommodate a wide variety of bottles, including those that are round. Its user-friendly features make it a perfect choice for healthcare providers. When considering a pharmaceutical vial packaging equipment, make sure it can accurately identify the contents of each bottle.

Sticker Labeling Machine

About Vial Washing Machines

Vial washing machines are designed to effectively wash a variety of sample types. Whether it’s a small vial or a large, multi-colored flask, a proper wash is essential to the quality of a final product. Automatic vial washing machines are equipped with a patented spray nozzle that guarantees a reduction in particulate matter. Vials can be manually pushed from the feed table or loaded automatically from a wire mesh conveyor through a feed conveyor.

In an automatic vial washing machine, the Vials go through selected washing cycles that ensure a sterile solution.

Working Principle of Vial Washing Machines

The washing process begins with the vials being fed into the infeed turntable and transferred to the outfeed end by a conveyor. Once the nozzles are lifted, another set of nozzles automatically sprays air on the vials to dry them completely. Once the nozzles are removed, the cycle is complete and the vials can be reused. In this way, vials are cleaned efficiently.

Vial Washing Machines can be configured with different features, depending on the type of drug products that are to be washed. Many of them feature auto-infeed and outfeed systems.

Many Advantages of Vial Washing Machines

Among the most popular models is the High-Speed Linear Vial Washing Machine which is suitable for a variety of vial sizes and is ideal for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries. It features an infeed and an outfeed star wheel arrangement. It has a capacity of 14000 vials per hour.

The main advantage of this type is that it allows the user to wash multiple Vials in the same cycle. The high-pressure pump is ideal for large, round glass vials and is suitable for all pharmaceutical applications. A linear vial washer can be used to wash small and large vials.

The Bottom Line

Generally, a linear vial washer uses a worm-wheel-type indexing mechanism to automatically load and unload the vials. It also features an automatic loading and cleaning system for vials, which is necessary for pharmaceutical companies. The high-speed liner is suitable for small and medium-sized vials.

If you’re using a linear vial washer or vial labeling machine make sure to read the instructions carefully. You’ll want to ensure that all parts are made of SS materials. A high-speed machine is an ideal solution for a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

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