Linear Vial Washing Machine

The high speed Linear Vial Washing Machine is an ideal washing solution for round Vials. The DM water can be reused for cleaning the machine’s wash chamber, and the automatic feeding mechanism feeds the vials automatically into pockets. The wash cycle starts with the initial rinse, and then proceeds to a cycle of multiple washing cycles. The SS wire mesh conveyor is fully enclosed and has a magnetic valve that controls the duration of the spray. The sanitary design allows the user to easily maintain the cleanliness of the washing process.

The multi-jet sprayers wash the entire vial without interfering with the contents. They are set independently to ensure a uniform water coverage. The carrier pocket moves with an indexing motion, while the needles return to the sprayer with compressed air. The nozzles are in contact with the vial’s mouth and neck, and the machine is designed to remove water from the whole surface. Its five distinct washing zones allow it to achieve optimum results and save valuable resources.

The linear vial washing machine is a completely automatic system, consisting of a main structure with an automatic loading platform and an in-feed turntable that delivers vials mouth down. The nozzles penetrate the entire vial, ensuring complete cleanliness. The main structure is coated with safety acrylic doors, while the pumping station is comprised of a high-performance motor. It also features a filter housing and a back-pressured, rotating pumping station.

A linear vial washing machine is specifically designed for online operation and is made of durable stainless steel parts. The unit also features a vibration-free, rigid construction. The machine is able to clean a variety of types of vials, from flat to round. All exposed parts of the Linear Vial washing machine are made from 316L stainless steel. It has an integrated sanitary cabinet, which ensures a clean product.

Bottle Washing Machine

The linear vial washing machine is an automatic device that is designed to wash a variety of different sizes of glass vials. It can be used to wash various types of pharmaceutical products, including tablets and liquids. It is also suitable for cleaning various kinds of Vials, including small and large-sized containers. The automated Linear Tunnel type is made of stainless steel and is a versatile solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry. The three-cycle rinsing feature enables the user to vary the cycle of the wash.

The linear vial washing machine is an automatic linear vial cleaning machine that is able to process small vials. It has a stainless steel structure and has a programmable system that can wash a variety of vial sizes, from 2 ml to a hundred-ml vial.

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