Packing Conveyor Belt, Cartoning Machine, Tube Filling Machine, and Measuring Cup Placement Machine by Parth Engineers & Consultant

Packing Conveyor Belt

Packing conveyor belt are used in industries to handle material from one point to another and is also used as assembly line packing conveyor. Industrial Packing conveyor belts manufactured by Parth Engineers & Consultant has stainless steel table top with moving endless sandwich belt in the center. The high quality material is used to provide high tensile strength, longevity and durability. The conveyor belt manufactured by our company is quality assured and made using the latest technology that sets the highest quality standards.

Packing Conveyor Belt

Cartoning Machine - Automatic Cartoning Machine

We at Parth Engineers & Consultant are the manufacturer and exporter of cartoning machine designed with the latest technology for your premium products. Our cartoning machines like semi-automatic linear cartoning machine, automatic cartoning machine provides excellent flexibility and maximized performance and is the right solution to your product needs.

Principle of Cartoning Machine: Cartoning machine manufactures the foldable cartoons, fills it with the products with the open end and then covers it with its flap sticking them with an adhesive tape. This machine is widely used in most of the industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, dairy and many more. The cartoning machine, provided by Parth Engineers & Consultant is a cGMP model. It thus provides an assurance of durability and high efficiency. It also has a provision for automatic unloading of cartons. The automatic cartoning machine also consists of a highly efficient vacuum pump for smooth and easy opening of cartons.

Semi automatic cartoning machine has its structure made from mild steel which imparts a sturdy structure. It operates on linear principle and meets all the GMP requirements of carton opening and closing. The easy operating system of the semi automatic cartoning machine makes it quite convenient to operate. An automatic cartoning machine feeds the bottle or strip & leaflet inside the carton and then closes it. The conveyor transfers the filled, sealed, and labelled containers from labeling machine to cartoning machine. The feed worm provided in the machine converts the vertical position of bottle to horizontal.

Cartoning Machine

Tube Filling Machine - Ointment, Lotion, Cream Filling Machine, Tube Filler

Tube filling machine is designed with filling and sealing process that is used to fill ointment, cream, lotion, toothpaste or any solid material in plastic tube and is been sealed. Our ointment filling machine is reliable, high accuracy filling system that provides clean and accurate filling at optimum speed giving a high-quality product. This tube filler is been manufactured with the latest technology and is been inspected against various parameters so as to guarantee premium quality filling. The tube filling equipment provided by us gives accurate processing method that gives excellent output. We are proud to be the best tube filling machine manufacturer with our qualified staff manufacturing the highest possible level of machinery used in industries.

Tube Filler Applications

Tube filling line is highly preferred for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Wide range of lotion filling machines includes Lotion filling & capping machine (lotion filling sealing machine), Ointment filling machine, tube filler always stay in heavy demand due to their extensive usage. Be it the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry, it is always preferred by consumers to apply the medication in the form of cream, lotion, or ointment.

Tube Filling Machine

Tube Filling Machine Operation

It is a highly automated machine and it consists of a round rotary plate at filling stations in which tubes are placed. At the first station, the filling operation is performed from where it is moved to the next stations. The subsequent stations of the lotion filling machine perform the folding operation on the tube and after 2 folds, it moves forward to the next station where coding is done. The filled tube is then later ejected to produce completely finished filled tubes.

Features Of Tube Filler

Tube filling machine with single head has the capacity of attending up to 30 to 40 tubes whereas, with the double head, it can yield 60 to 70 tubes. The number of sealing head can be 1 or 2 in the machine. For trouble-free operation, this cream filling machine requires an electric supply of 2 HP. It performs the operation consuming low power and as a result yields low noise level as well. The tube filler has SS cladding done for all exposed parts in order to protect them from corrosion.

Advantages of Tube Filling Machine

Increased Production Efficiency: Tube filling line allows manufacturers to fill up the products like creams and lotions in tube quickly. It increases the production efficiency with its high speed and accuracy.

Reliable and Consistent: If the tubes are filled manually, it can lead to high variances in amount of filling. However, the lotion filling machine offers great consistency and reliability in terms of filling.

Reduced Labour Cost: If the tubes are filled with the help of human labour, the company needs many people to execute this work and it can increase the production cost. However, the usage of cream filling machine eliminates these cost, hence it is a cost-effective solution.

Reduction in Product Wastage: Tube filling machine offers high accuracy and efficiency in the filling, which helps in reducing product wastage.

Measuring Cup Placement Machine

Automatic rotary type measuring cup placement machine is dedicated in placement of measuring cup on the bottles that is widely used in industries like pharmaceutical, food, dairy, beverages etc. Measuring cup placement machine made by Parth Engineers & Consultant is enclosed in a stainless steel body that consists of conveyor belt, measuring cup feeding & pressing unit. The measuring cup is been placed on the sealed bottles with the help of feeding unit and is further moved with the help of the conveyor. Our measuring cup placing machine is user friendly and can handle bottles of various size & shapes.

Measuring Cup Placement Machine
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