Dry Powder Filling Bunging Machine - Features & Applications

Powder filling is a process used in different types of industries to fill up the containers such as vials and bottles with powder particles. Now, it is hard to fill these containers using bare hands or old technology therefore, dry powder filling bunging machines are used. The role of this powder filler is to accurately fill up the receptacle without wasting any powder substance. Most of the industries like pharmaceuticals, clinical, and food industries use it when it comes to cover the powder filling procedure in the production. Hence, as numerous features and applications make dry powder filling line, a top preference of the manufacturers, some of them are mentioned below.

Features Of Dry Powder Filling & Bunging Machine

There are different features offered by the dry powder filling line that is suitable in industrial productions, features like that this dry powder filler and bunging equipment are compact so that less space is required and powder filler can be operated conveniently. There are some other features like the dry powder filler line co-operates with the no-vial filling mechanism in which the machine automatically detects containers suitable for the dry powder filling & bunging process whereas some vial structures are exceptions. In fact, a multi-dosing mechanism helps the machine to work with a volumetric level accuracy, which is suitable for powder injections. Other parts like a safety clutch are also present in the machine to ensure that no vials are broken during the operation. Features like using contact parts make the machine worthy of using it in industries, perhaps these parts are completely configured with metals like stainless steel so that the parts can be autoclaved and sterilized during the cleaning of the machine. There are some other salient features like, the dry powder filler is comprise of a digital counter which is compatible for keeping a count on powder-filled vials. Along with all the features, there is an individual drive provided in the machine for both filling & sealing, so that the powder filling and bunging can be processed side by side.

Automatic Rotary Dry Syrup Filling Machine

Industrial Applications of Dry Powder Filling Line

From the pharmaceutical industries to the food factories the industrial applications of dry powder fillers are high. The pharmaceutical industries use the machine in order to fill the powder and granular particles required in different types of tablets and capsules. Not only the dry powder fillers are a great help in tablet filling but also as a sterilizer of the vials and bottles, some of the bacteria can be eliminated by spraying the powder particles. Other industrial applications of the dry powder filler line can be seen in food processing industries and cold storage. The requirement of dry powder lines in food processing industries is for both powder ingredients and powder pesticides. When it comes to powder ingredients, this machine makes the procedure of adding powder material to any product from eat-able to liquid beverages. Another application of the dry powder filler in food industries is to be used as a pesticide, that is sprayed to kill the bacteria and fungus in the atmosphere. The use of this machine can also be seen in cold storages as dry powder spraying/injecting is required for different items preserved for a longer period.

Using this powder filling machine, the requirement for powder, coating, powder ingredient, powder spraying, and injecting can be possible. As technology is developing, the industries can get many more benefits related to powder processing over time. Hence, as the dry powder filler machine is beneficial in different industries, all the above-mentioned points explain the salient features and the industrial applications of the dry powder filling & bunging line.

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