All You Need To Know About Powder Filling Line

The filling line is an integral part of packaging machinery and finds application in several industries. Apart from pharmaceutical and food/beverage products, it is used extensively for several other products as well, like cosmetic creams, shampoo, conditioners, etc. The dry powder filling line comprises of different machines like injectable dry powder filling machine, dry syrup filling and capping machine, semi-automatic auger type powder filling machine, injectable powder filling stoppering machine, etc. These machines have varying production rate and are employed for use as per the desired application.

Parth Engineers & Consultant has a wide variety of filling machines for multifarious applications. These machines are designed and manufactured as per the standards and guidelines laid out in order to make sure that the machines have high durability and the ability to do long hour operations.


Some of the filling line machines are:

Powder Filling Machine:

The powder filling machine is an utility equipment that finds extensive application in industries such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food, cosmetics, etc. It is used for filling the containers with free flow or non-free flow powder products. There are 2 types of powder filling machine- Syrup Filling Machine and Injectable Powder Filling Machine. The powders are usually very costly to prepare and hence the machines are designed in such a way that minimum wastage of the powders are assured while performing the filling operation. It is capable of producing high output rates performing highly accurate operations.

Dry Syrup Powder Filling and Pick & Place Type Screw Capping Machine

Dry Syrup Filling Machine:

The dry syrup filling machine is used for filling up the containers with the contents that are in the state of dry syrup. It is ideally considered for pharmaceutical industries. The machine consists of a hopper that houses auger. The powder is to be filled through this auger and it is mounted on the top plate of the machine, aligned with the funnel plate. The entire operation is designed in such a manner that no spillage of the powder is ensured. There is another variant of this machine, known as dry syrup filling and capping machine. It is a more advanced form of machinery that has a provision of placing a cap on the bottles or containers. This machine is thus quite an efficient piece of machinery as the cap prevents the container from getting adulterated. The semi-automatic auger type powder filling machine is a highly compact and versatile syrup filling machine in which the containers are required to be placed manually at the platform of the machine, below the filling funnel. The bottle guide is provided in the auger type powder filling machine to prevent the powders from getting spattered all over the container.

Injectable Powder Filling Machine

Injectable Powder Filling Machine:

Injectable powder filling machine is highly preferred in the pharmaceutical industries owing to its accurate and fast operation. The powder fillers in this machine are designed in such a manner that makes sure that very less wastage of the powders occurs. Another variant of this machine, Injectable powder filling stoppering machine places stopper on top of the containers in order to protect the containers from getting contaminated. These contaminants have the ability to make pharmaceutical products lose their medicinal integrity.

The Bottom-Line:

Parth Engineers & Consultant offers several dry powders filling and sealing machine for various industries. These machines are developed in our state of the art manufacturing facilities, which ensure that the equipment produced are one of a kind.  Each and every component is intrinsically designed using modern manufacturing practices.

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