Ampoule Filling Sealing Machine

An ampoule filling sealing machine is designed to seal the ampoules and trays that the machines produce. The machines are equipped with an electric control panel that is elevated above the machine’s surface. The electronic control panel provides flexibility and easy operation. The stainless steel square pipe frame and matte finish are very durable. The large opening at the bottom of the unit allows for thorough cleaning. Stainless steel square pipe frames are also available in different designs.

An ampoule filling and sealing machine works on the principle that bottles are loaded into a hopper by wheels. The bottles are pre-heated before being sealed. Once filled, they are deposited on a collection tray. The entire process is completed in one minute. An ampoule filling sealing machine detects errors automatically and prevents them from spoiling the contents. It is ideal for medical applications and pharmaceuticals.

The ampoule filling and sealing machine is a modern tool for producing high-quality, sanitary ampoules. Stainless steel square pipes make it easy to clean and provide a firm grip. It has an adjustable flame and safety valves to keep out air and other foreign objects. Its ergonomic design makes it convenient to operate and is highly efficient. Besides, the machine has a user-friendly control panel.

It is a multi-functional machine used to seal sterile ampoules. It can process several different types of ampoules, from a variety of liquids and foods to pharmaceuticals. It uses a stainless steel slant hopper and synchronized star wheel to deliver ampoules to the right place. The rack is placed on an eccentric track, which stops sequentially for pre-heating, gassing, and sealing.

In addition to being useful for small and medium-sized ampoules, an ampoule filling and sealing machine will also save you a lot of time. It is equipped with an automatic hopper and a slant-travel mechanism. It is easy to set up, operate and maintain. This machine is ideal for small and medium-sized injections. Injections can be easily dispensed into different containers.

Automatic Single Head Tube Filling Machine Tube Filler Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

An ampoule filling and sealing machine is an automatic, high-speed machine designed for pharmaceutical companies. The machine will fill and seal the ampoules. It has a large opening and is very flexible. It can fill all different types of liquids. Its standard version features an eight-head filling station and is designed for glass and plastic ampoules.

Before starting the filling process, the machine will be set up with the ampoules. Then, it will perform the sealing operation of the ampoules. Then, the machine will be calibrated with five pumps. When the ampoules are filled, the cylinders will rotate, and the liquids will be discharged onto the tubes. The machines will have the ability to handle up to 5,000 ml of liquid in an hour.

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