All About Ampoule Filling And Sealing Machine

Introduction- Ampoule Filling and Sealing machines have a significant role to play in the processing of products in many diverse industries like chemical, biotech, cosmetic, and most importantly the pharmaceuticals. Manufacturers take care of the evolving needs by launching models that increase production efficiency and accuracy. The forms in which drugs are contained in a glass ampoule could either be liquid or solid. An ampoule filler and sealer are specifically designed to fill drugs or products into the ampoules.

Working Principle of Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine

They are built on the principle of slant traveling of ampoules when it is filled and sealed while the equipment takes care of the customized factors like the neck dimension of the container, its thickness, and form. The process involves empty washed and sterilized ampoules are received automatically on the wire mesh conveyor belt through the out feed of sterilizing tunnel. The ampoules are then loaded into the conveyor belt which transports these ampoules to the segment wheel to be carried on to a conveyor cradle. The conveyor cradle can carry 8, 6 or 4 ampoules in a group through various stations. Pre gassing, before filling, post gassing after filling is done in the vertical positions.

Advantages of an Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

Some of the major advantages of ampoule filling and sealing machine include-

  • Ampoules protect the drugs from environmental dust and microorganisms and make them easy to handle and store drugs with the right content and amount to be used.
  • A faster changeover of ampoules since the process of production is very fast and makes the feat of achieving higher output per hour possible.
  • It has flow meters that make sure the flames are regulated easily.
  • The presence of an efficient cooling system to avoid overheating increases the life span of the machine making it a long-term investment.
  • The Nitrogen flush facility available ensures that cleaning is done effectively to eliminate any contamination.
Automatic Single Head Tube Filling Machine Tube Filler Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

Reasons why an Ampoule Filling and Sealing machine may be recommended-

  1. These types of machinery facilitate easy integration with the existing machinery and make it easy and viable to upgrade them. The cGMP practices require safety and hygiene measures to be followed and feature up-to-date technology.
  2. The Ampoule Filling and sealing machine guarantees high production capacity to meet the increasing needs of ampoules and can monitor how the ampoules are being produced. The special system features PLC systems and is fully integrated and allows users to change the parameters and monitor errors in real-time.
  3. Great levels of accuracy are achieved whether the drug is in solid, liquid, or powder the ampoule filler can ensure an exact amount of the drugs within bottles.

Ampoule Sealing

The sealing station in the ampoule filler machine also has oxygen and other combustible gases conducible for the ampoule rotation during the preheating and sealing cycles. There are safety valves and pressure reducers that are present in the oxygen and combustible gas circuit. The presence of a stainless hood ensures the functionality to channel out fumes during the heating process. Once the sealing is achieved the duly filled ampoules are collected on the collection tray automatically.

Bottom Line– The ampoule filling machine comes with an option of various heads and these multi-head options like the 2, 4,8 and 16 head cater to different operational needs and specifications. The reliability of these machines is tremendous as there is no overdose or underdose in filling and also any wastage chance is eliminated.

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