All You Need To Know About Vial Filling Machines

Several industries package their products in different types of containers. This includes industries like food, pharmaceutical, beverage, chemical, etc. It is necessary to fill the product into different types of packages like bottles, tubes, and various other containers. Thus, this requires use of  filling-machine of some kind.

There are many types of containers and each container may require a different types of filling -machine; the same applies to the type of product as well.  To fill a vial it is necessary to make use of a vial filling and bunging machine. A machine that used in pharmaceutical industry may not be suitable for the food industry. The selection of a filling machine depends largely on viscosity of the liquid as well.

Types of Filling Machines

The tube filling machine and vial filling-machine are two popular machines for liquid products. A tube filling machine is useful for the purpose of filling grease, food products, creams, etc. These products are more viscous. A Vial filling-machine is useful for filling liquid products that are less viscous. It is used to fill bottles and tubes in the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry.

There are many types of machines depending on the type of product that is necessary to fill:

  • Liquid-Filling-Machines: These machines are useful for filling liquids like oil, beverages and other food products.
  • Dry-Mixes-Filling-Machine: An Auger or an Agitator filling machine is useful for the purpose of filling dry mixes like flour, sugar.
  • Filling-Machines for Pills or Candy: A tablet filling machine is necessary for the purpose of filling pills or candy.
  • Gel-Products-Filling-Machines: A positive displacement pump filling-machine is necessary to fill a gel like material
Servo Base Plc Control Vial Filling With Pick and Place type Stoppering Machine

What is a Vial Filling Machine?

There are many types of Vial filling and bunging machines.

Here are a few Vial machines:

  • Automatic Vial(bottle washing) machine: The purpose of automatic vial washing machine is washing vials and bottles. It makes use of different types of water & hot air. It is useful in pharmaceutical, food & beverage and distilleries. The way it works is the vials are fed through a SS wire mesh conveyor and placed in an inverted position into buckets. Each row keeps moving as per the washing cycle. Once washed these vials are inverted to the upward position and placed on the conveyor or fed to a sterilizing tunnel. To ensure proper wash, as set of nossels enter the vial during the washing operation.
  • Flip off (aluminum capping) machine: This type of machine is useful for the purpose of filling injectable powder into vials and then half or full bunging. A machine like this is very precise and makes use of sensors and solenoid value system. This means that if a vial is not present it will not fill.
  • Vacuum type injectable powder filling-machine: The way this machine works is that it has a flip off seal or a tear off the seal of many sizes. The number of heads of the machines depends on the output requirement an can be either 4,6,8 or more. The size of the cap can vary.

A Vial Filling and Bunging Machine is necessary for the purpose of filling injectable glass vials. It is useful for the purpose of filling liquid product. There are many types of vial filling machines. It is necessary to check the viscosity of the liquid prior selecting the appropriate filling machine. The type of filling machine in use also depends on the characteristics of the container. For example, it can be glass or plastic and in many different shapes like round or square. The size of the opening also varies as does the rate of filling. It also depends on the product being filed.

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