Cartooning Machine – Semi Automatic Cartooning Machine

Semi Automatic Rotary Cartoning Machine


The machine works on the principle of pneumatic operated mechanical assembly in order to fold or unfold the cartons placed in the feeding tray and simultaneously vacuum will suck the cartons into the slot of main holder plates -upper & lower comprising change parts according to the cartons size. Then cartons move with the help of main drive assembly for further operation. Carton passes through required pneumatic operation & reaches to the out feed assembly. Online printing & the arrangement of product to be placed in the cartons are optional.

Cartooning Machine Operation:

The function of the semi automatic cartooning machine to pick the carton from the carton loader essembly and open the carton and close the bottom with help of accessory product to be filled manually after filling the closing operation to close the carton and place the carton into the outfit.

Technical Specification of Cartooning Machine – Semi Automatic Cartooning Machine:

Mechanical Speed Maxi. 60 Cycles/min
Output / Hour* 2400
Air consumption 40 L/Min at 6 kg/cm2/pressure
Carton size (mm) Mini. 20(L) x 15(W) x 60 (H)
Maxi. 82(L) x 82(B) x 205 (H)
Carton GSM 285 to 320 GSM
Power supply 220V A.C. 50/60Hz Single Phase
Powder consumption 0.6KW
Machine wt 400 kgs
Gross Wt 580 kgs
Cartooning Machine Dimensions 1150L x 1500W x 1400 H
Packing Case Dimensions 1220L x 1575W x 1450H

Salient Features:

  • Mechanical speed up to 60 cycles per minute.
  • Manual loading of product.
  • MOC conforming to cGMP standards
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Most suitable for smaller batch sizes
  • Requires semi skilled operator for operation.
  • Easy and fast change over
  • Easy to maintain
  • High precision indexer to avoid jerks
  • Speed control through A.C. Frequency Drive

Optional features:

  • Pre-folded leaflet insertion unit.
  • PLC control for machine operation.
  • Hot stamping and embossing unit.
  • Provision for Non Fill Detection System (NFD).
  • Polycarbonate gaurds.
  • Provision for Pharma code & Bar code reading

Semi Automatic Cartooning Machine Utility Requirement:

Electrical supply 0.5 HP ,1 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
Air Pressure 6 bar pressure 0.5 CFM

Semi Automatic Cartooning Machine Video