Dry Syrup Filling Line – Automatic Rotary Vacuumatric Dry Syrup Filling Machine

Automatic Rotary Dry Syrup Filling Machine


Automatic Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine is compact machine used for filling of the Dry Syrup in the bottles and is most ideal for wide application in PHARMA INDUSTRIES. It is built on strong and robust powder coated M.S. Angle frame Pipe Structure encompassed with S.S. coverings with matt-finish. The dry syrup filling line has the capacity of attending up to 12000 containers per hour. It comprises a total of 24 head for filling and has an accuracy of ± 2 %. The dry syrup filling and capping machine performs both the operation of filling and capping it as well in order to protect the container from falling out or any interaction with the contaminants. It is compatible with glass & HDPE bottles having round shape. The fill size that can be achieved by the dry syrup filling line is 3 gms to 50 gms with the help of change parts. The no bottle no fill system enables the dry syrup filling & capping to prevent wastage of costly powder.

Dry Syrup Filling Line Operation:

The dried, sterilized and siliconised containers are fed through the Infeed Turn Table on to Infeed Delrin slat conveyor belt at required speed to the feed work for correct spacing between two bottles and get enter into the infeed starwheel. The infeed starwheel transfer the container below the funnel. The funnel plate with 16 nos. funnel mounted on it and the powder wheel is mounted on the centre pipe, which allows flexibility to adjust position of wheel as required and occupies less space on the dry syrup filling machine. The dry powder filling line has a lifter assembly on the base bottom of the plate. When the container comes below the funnel, the bottom platform lifts the bottle whereby the bottle gets inserted tight fit inside the funnel. The powder stored into the powder hopper is agitated by pair of mechanical agitators for maintain consistency and uniform bulk density, powder wheel rotates at the pre-set speed below the powder hopper with no clearance. Powder wheel consist of piston in each port and behind the powder wheel vacuum plate is provided and there is no clearance between powder wheel and vacuum plate due to back spring pressure. Precise volume of powder is sucked into the port of powder wheel during vacuum according to the piston length. The different fill volume can be achieved. The excess powder is doctored off by a doctor blade and now doctor blades can be adjusted from outside without removing power hopper. When powder wheel indexes further and remain in the pot due to the vacuum till it reaches just in vertical position, the time dose of compressed air, sterilized low pressure air or nitrogen gas sequentially flushes out powder from the port of powder wheel into the funnel. Funnel equipped with square rod to break solid slug of powder and power will start to fill inside the bottle which is moving along with funnel. The bottle is getting filled in around 5 to 6 seconds. The bottles further move with funnel and reaches to exit starwheel. After filling operation, filling head moves upward with help of cam and bottle enters into exit star wheel and move further on conveyor for next operation.

Technical Specification of Dry Syrup Filling Line – Automatic Rotary Vacuumatric Dry Syrup Filling Machine:

Model PRPF- 200
Output/Hour* 8000-12000 containers
Number of head 24 Head For Filling
Fill Size*** 3 Gms to 50 Gms (with the help of Change parts)
Accuracy ± 2 %
Electrical Specifications** Main Machine and Conveyor 3 HP / 415Volts / 50 Hz.
Vacuum Pump 3 HP / 415Volts / 50 Hz
Pneumatic Air Filtered, oil free, sterile low pressure Air at 4 kg/cm2(4/6 bar)
Vacuum Line 20 HG
Dry Syrup Filling Machine Dimensions** 2500 mm (L) x 1250 mm (W) x 2150 mm (H)
Case Dimensions 2700 mm (L) x 1450 mm (W) x 2350 mm (H)
Net Weight 1500 KG Appro.
Gross Weight 1800 KG Appro.

Input Specifications:

Bottle dia. Min 25 to Max. 80mm
Bottle Height Min 38mm to Max. 150mm
Cap 22mm, 25mm and 28mm
Bottle type Glass & HDPE
Bottle Shape Round

Salient Features:

  • CGMP model based on advanced technology
  • Heavy duty M.S. moulded structure for vibration-free operation
  • No Bottle No fill system to avoid wastage of costly powder
  • Spring loaded Teflon top seal for powder hopper reduces the friction between powder wheel and top seal and avoid chance of white particle shading during operation.
  • Adjustment of Doctor Blade and Wiper blade can made from outside without interrupting production saving time, powder wastage and chances of area condition disturbance.
  • Separate Variable Drive to control speed of conveyor
  • All drives through imported gear motor.
  • All contact parts and assemblies are of SS 316
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning as all assemblies are under top plate
  • Dry Powder Filling Line Machine is provided with delrin conveyor belt to avoid sticking of bottle on conveyor.
  • Special clutch devices are provided on star wheel for safety purpose.
  • Air filter of SS 316 housing with Nylon cartridge for proper removal of particle of 0.22 micron having 10” length.
  • Vacuum filter of PVC transparent material with nylon cartridge f 10” length of 5 micron.
  • Dry Powder Filling Line Machine can fill 10 Gms to 50 Gms powder in single stroke.
  • Imported Ger Motor for Main drive
  • A.C. Frequency drive for Main drive
  • Pure air filters for Air and Vacuum

Optional features:

  • PLC control
  • Acrylic cabinet to avoid dust particle during operation
  • Safety guards for trouble free operational.
  • Dust collection unit.
  • Motorized height adjustable system for sealing unit.
  • Cap elevator for automatic cap feeding in cap feeder

Dry Syrup Filling Line Utility Requirement:

Electrical supply 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
Electrical load 6.0 HP. 4.5 KW
Air Pressure 6 bar pressure 0.5 CFM

Rotary Vacuumatric Dry Syrup Filling Machine Video