Roller Inspection Conveyor

Roller Inspection Conveyor Input Specifications:

Vial Size** Round Shape Ø 22 mm to Ø 55 mm
Respectively height 50 mm to 110 mm
(Height option for other Vial height available)

Operation of Roller Inspection Conveyor

It works on the basic principle of inspection of the filled vial which comes from Sealing its to be collect in 48” turn table and divert in four track to transfer on slant roller inspection conveyor in two different track on each side where black & white board and lighting provision is given and pass through magnifying glass where operator can inspect the vial on peripheral & bottom side check and collect rejected vial and put into rejection box after inspection it’s to be convert in vertical position and collect into 48” turntable it’s to be collect vial from four different track and convert into single track four next labeling operation There is black & white back-ground with tube light for manual inspection of the filled vial.

Technical Specification of Roller Inspection Conveyor

Model PEC- I-2-120 PEC- I-4-240 PEC- I-4-300
Operator Provision 2 No. Sitting Provision 4 No. Sitting Provision 4 No. Sitting Provision
Direction of Movement Left to Right
Power Characteristics** 2 HP/220 V/50 Hz
Height of Disk** 860 mm to 910 mm
Machine Dimensions** 4330 x 1220 x 1500 MM (L x W x H)
Case dimensions 2550 x 1450 x 1750 MM (L x W x H)
Net Weight 525 kg
Gross Weight 850 kg
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