The Vitality Of Labeling Machine In Different Industries

Labeling machines hold a very important key for all the industries including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, etc. They help in placing labels on the container to depict product information as well as its make. Additionally, it also allows the parent company a platform to advertise themselves with the help of attractive stickers that are able to lure consumers. The labeling machine is a highly efficient piece of equipment that performs the operation at a very fast rate that provides flexibility to industries to label as many containers as they would like to. There are mostly 2 types of labelling machines that find a number of applications in industries, Wet glue labeling machine & Self adhesive labeling machine.

Wet Glue Labeling Machine

Wet glue labeling machine is found to be highly applicable for usage in the plastic, glass, PET, tin, and corrugated containers. It has the competence to perform full or partial labelling of the containers of different shapes including flat, square, round or rectangular. This labelling machine has very easy controls and is thus quite a user-friendly equipment. Round bottle labeling machine uses the method of wet glue and has the working direction from left to right. It has the ability to attend 200 bottles per minute. The operation of labeling machine is designed in a manner that it ensures a gap of 3mm between the labels.

The operation of the wet glue labeling machine starts with the turn table, transferring empty bottles with the help of the conveyor. With the help of bottle separator attachment present on the conveyor, the containers are straightened after which, the top holding pressing device lifts them. The bottles are then made to pass through sensors that actuate the servo motor to release labels and place them. Gap sensors are also present in the machine to assure that a minimum gap is always maintained between the two labels.

Bottle Labelling Machine

Self Adhesive Labeling Machine

The self adhesive labeling machine turns out to be very effective for round containers. Labels can be partially or fully wrapped around the round containers. The presence of servo motor makes the entire operation of label dispensing highly accurate. It allows for 300 bottles per minute at a time and thus boasts of high production rate. Self adhesive labeller has a roller spacing device to achieve a simple and trouble free operation. The turntable of the machine transports the filled, empty or sealed bottles from the conveyor.

Entire operation of the labeling machine is very simple and thus operators do not have a tough time while handling it. It has a conveyor on which the round containers are placed. The roller spacing device releases the containers, maintaining an equal distance between them. One of the standout features of the self adhesive labeler is the rubber pressing belt & stationary rubber pad. It ensures a near-perfect and flawless label fixing on the containers.

The Bottom Line:

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