The Modern-Day Need For Labeling Machines

In the current market scenario where the customers have developed a habit of looking up the product details before purchasing them, labeling machines have turned out to be a machine of utmost importance for several industries. Be it the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, etc.; every sector requires proper and accurate label placement on their products that is not only informative but attractive enough as well. These factors go a long way in ensuring luring more and more customers to buy any brand’s products. There are different labeling machines available for these industries to choose from. The application of these machines depends on the required application. Some of the types of labelling machines are wet glue labeling machine, self adhesive sticker labeling machine, etc.

Labeling Machine Used in Different Industries

  • Pharmaceuticals: It is one of the industries that have a major demand of the labeling machine. Pharmaceutical companies require a sticker labeling machine that is quite efficient and accurate in their operation as they need to attend a large number of products at a time. Wet glue labeling machine is one such equipment that is preferred for the application of sticker placement. The fact that it is user-friendly makes it quite easy to handle by the operators. It has the ability to handle up to 120 containers per minute that depend on the size of the containers that are fed. Some of the types of material that the wet glue labelling machine can allow for are plastic, tin, glass, PET bottle, corrugated containers, etc. It is well known that the pharmaceutical companies require the machines that perform their operation accurately with high precision. The wet glue labeler has a very high working accuracy that justifies its operatoion.
Bottle Labelling Machine
  • Food: In the food industry, labelling machines must be able to accommodate different shapes of bottle like square, round, oval, etc. The wet glue labeling machine has the ability to accommodate the aforementioned shaped containers and has an excellent workability. Apart from the accurate label placement, the machine also has the provision of data storage. Self adhesive sticker labeling machine also finds a large application in the food industries. They are mostly preferred for round shaped containers and can either partially or fully wrap around them with the label. It has the capacity to attend up to 300 containers per minute and there is no requirement of changing parts for different operations. The availability of the roller spacing device allows for ease of operation.
  • Cosmetics: In this industry, labeling machines should have the ability to perform faster operations and it is very important to ensure that the labels are placed on the containers very neatly that do not destroy the aesthetic value of the product. The containers are placed on the conveyor of self adhesive labeling machine that are released at equal distance with the help of a roller spacing device. There is also a provision of rubber pressing belt and stationary rubber pad that allows for a near-flawless operation of label placement. Wet glue labeling machine is one of the other machines that find extensive usage in the cosmetic industry. It comprises of a turn table that is used to transfer the filled bottles to the conveyor of the labeling machine. The sensors in the machine detect the bottle and direct the motor to dispense label the container.

The Bottom Line: Parth Engineers & Consultant have been a world class packaging manufacturer, since its inception in 1995. The advanced manufacturing facilities make sure that all the machines produced and supplied have all the modern technology gadgets to boost the production rate of any industry. Labeling Machines like wet glue labeling machine and self adhesive labeling machine are used in industries like pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics for handling wide array of containers of different shapes.

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