Tablet Counting & Filling Machine - Standard Operating Procedure

A tablet counting machine is mainly useful for the pharmaceutical industry where it is used for the purpose of tablet counting. It is essentially a continuous and automated process. It is useful for counting tablets of many shapes and sizes. The way it does this is by making use of a vibration motor which causes a shaking effect and results in the falling of tablets.

The filling machine is just as vital to the pharmaceutical industry as the tablet counting machine. There are many types of filling machines each one of them is for a different purpose and to fill different type of containers and products. For example, it is useful for filling products like creams, lotions, powders in many different types of containers like bottles, vials, ampules, etc. The pharmaceutical industry makes use of a filling machine as well for the purpose of filling syrups, chemicals, vials, tablets and types of medicine.

Applications of Tablet Counting and Filling Machine in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Tablet counting is a very important aspect as it gives an idea about production rate. Because of the high production of different tablets, the tablet counting and filling machine is very important equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. This high tech machine allows the tablet counting and filling at a high speed to meet the production requirements. Besides, the tablet filling machine is widely used in various industries like pharmaceutical, food, chemical engineering and healthcare sector.

These machines are highly efficient and hence are of great significance to the pharmaceutical industry; It helps with the automation and several other pharmacy tasks.  This article goes on to describe the operating procedure to the tablet filling machine.

Operating Procedure Tablet filling machine

There are many types of capsule or tablet filling machines and each has a different operating procedure. Described here is the operating procedure of a manual one.

  • The first step is to prepare the Tablet capsule filling machine.
  • An encapsulation plate is placed on top of a cap plate and makes use of the body plate.
  • It is necessary to take proper precautions as well hence a powder guard is placed on the body plate to avoid powder falling from the sides.
  • There is also an option of using a Tamping plate.
  • The filled cap plates are removed and a middle sheet is placed on top.
  • It is then necessary to apply force on top with both hands and push downwards with even force. It is a good idea to ensure that caps and bodies are matched prior to pressing down.
Automatic Tablet Counting Machine

The manual tablet filing machines often do not meet the operating standards and tend to be slower and require more effort. Besides which it is not possible to automate the process. The standard operating procedure of an automated filling machine is as follows:

  • Switch on the machine and allow it to have one complete rotation of the Turret Assembly.
  • An automated machine like this is likely to have the ability to perform an auto check prior to starting.
  • A machine like this has a control panel that allows you to select one of the several options like auto, alarm, product, select and sample.
  • This automated machine can be started, stopped and reset via the control. It also provides a product report and allows for entering data and weight settings as well.
  • It also possesses a screen that displays weight settings and the acceptable limit of weight variation. This allows one to get a good idea of the number of capsules that can be used and the process time as well.
  • This allows one to program other packaging units down the line for further processing.

It is essential to take several precautions prior to using this type of machine. Some of the common precautions to take include using protective guards in the right method, never by-passing the safety switches, avoid modifying the machine, not attempting to repair, clean, adjust or lubricate the machine while it is in operation. Besides which, it is also essential to clean the surface and control panel of the machine with a soft dry cloth. It is a good idea to carry out these procedures on a weekly basis.

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