Labeling Machines For Ampoules, Vials Tubes, And Bottles

Labelling Machines are world-class machines designed and developed to take care of all labeling needs and takes care of labeling of all types like the single and double side and the wrap-around styles and have exceptional features of precision and accuracy. Their importance lies in the fact that all industries use labellers as the labels are prima facie information providers about the ingredients, manufacturing and expiry date and the list of features of a product.

Types of Labelling machines

Labelling machines cater to various needs of ampoules bottles and vials and have their unique features as below-

Automatic Ampoule Sticker Labelling Machine

The automatic ampoule sticker labeler is known for its accuracy and has an inbuilt logic system that can store and retrieve production data on the system. The servo motors in it can deliver ampoule labeling as fast as 300 per minute. Any kind of vibration is also eliminated and offers a very sturdy operation. The conveyor belts, label dispensers, and the pressing device can well synchronize to adjust the dimensions of the label as per the specifications. This is a high-speed rotary machine with a unique speed synchronization system and has efficient label length detection systems and there is an optional turntable system for feeding of vials for an online transfer of ampoules from capping machine to labeling and a subsequent online transfer to the conveyor system which facilitates continuous operation for vials.

The Sticker Labeling machines have a tool-less operation with a unique spring-loaded twin worm system and a multi-axis dispenser allowing any degree of label dispensing bottle for any shape like Oval, rectangular or flat. These labeling machines find their application in industries like pharmaceuticals, beverages, distilleries, and cosmetics. They aid in lower rejection percentages and incorporates the latest and advanced systems. They are user-friendly and easy to maintain and work with minimal downtime avoiding data setting and alterations from time to time.

High Speed Ampoule Vial Sticker Labeling Machine

Tube Labellers

There are tube labelers that adopt the best technologies and high-powered instrumentation to achieve perfect labeling on tubes. They contain a small inertia stepper motor and program controller to enable any communication between the machine and the man. Precision is required in these devices and their accuracy levels can be suitable for diameters as less as 19mm to 60mm. The presence of an automatic feeding system and ejection system is provided for quick loading and unloading of tubes. The tube labelling machine has an added advantage of the feature No tube- No label which means there is no wastage or unwanted energy consumption. Similarly, transparent film labels can be applied too with the help of a mechanical sensor. Any label application on the tube can be done with a front and back orientation.

Wet Glue Labeling Machine

This versatile machinery called the wet glue labeller is a rotary design with fixed labels. It has a gearbox for the optimum adjustment of the label during the machine run. It can be set to different container diameters by swiveling. It is operated by a mechanism where the feed worm is used to place the feed and the sealed containers at the labelling point. The glue pot transfers the glue on the glue rubber roller. The thin film of the glue is transferred to the gluing pad. There are round containers that move on the conveyor and the label box is oscillated by the sequence in the conveyor. The label master applies the label with the help of pick-up fingers. The labeled containers move ahead through the stationary rubber pad and pressing belt so that there is perfect labelling.

Wet Glue Labeling Machine - Flat/Square/Round Bottle Labelling Machine

Bottom Line– Labelling is an important step in any production process as it helps to identify and share information about the product. The advanced machinery can help in bulk labeling saving cost and time. They dispense, print and apply labels to various items, products containers and packages.

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