Labeling Machine For Bottles

Bottle labeling machines are very important equipment in the industry and find much application. A wide number of companies want to brand their products and for that, they need to put their logo and other information on their products. The bottle labeling machine put sticker labels around the bottle, displaying the information of the product and company as desired. Parth Engineering & Consultant offers premium-grade labeling machine serving bottles of different shape and size. The machine ensures faster output, capable of attending a high count of bottles with precision. It has the ability to either label partially or fully wrap around the round containers.

Summary: Bottle labeling machine is used to put stickers or labels around the bottle, displaying all the information regarding the company and the product which one wishes to show. These machines are capable of attending a large number of bottles at a time ensuring high output rate.

The bottle labeling machine is of 2 types:

  1. Wet Glue Labeling Machine
  2. Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine

Wet Glue Labeling Machine: It is considered to be one of the most user-friendly machines that one will ever come across. The machine is compatible with flat, square, round or rectangular bottles capable of attending up to 120 containers per minute depending on the bottle and label size. In a wet glue labelling machine, an empty or filled bottle is received from the turntable in order to convey it to the conveyor consisting of a bottle separator attachment. The bottle separator is provided to create a segregation between continuous movements. There are also two pressing devices provided to straighten the bottle and then pick up in this original position. The machine is incorporated with sensors and servo motor to ensure that the entire labeling operation is carried out with absolute precision and the machine stops functioning after carrying out the required operation.

Bottle Labelling Machine

Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine: These machines are used for labeling round bottle either partially or by fully wrapping it around. There are 6 types of self-adhesive sticker labeling machine, namely- Vial Sticker Labeling machine, Rotary Labeling machine, Automatic Horizontal Self Adhesive Labeling Machine, Automatic Double Side Sticker Labelling Machine Model, Vertical Labeling Machine – Automatic Vial Sticker Labeling Machine, & Self-Adhesive Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine.

The machine has a conveyor to facilitate the movement of the bottles. It also consists of a bottle separation device to maintain a gap between two bottles when they enter the pressing device. The pressing device has sensors which operate the servo motor to put a label on the bottles. The conveyor then carries the bottle to the location where the further operations are carried out.

We, at Parth Engineering & Consultant, make sure that these machines have a long life with high production speeds. The labeling machine assures of accurate label placing and is suitable to accommodate various materials like Glass, Plastic, PET, Tin, and corrugated containers.

Summary: There are 2 types of bottle labeling machine, namely- Wet Glue Labelling Machine and Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine. They are capable of attending a handful amount of bottles per minute and incorporates various material like- Glass, Plastic, PET, Tin, and corrugated containers.

The Bottom line: Parth Engineering & Consultant offers a different variety of labeling machines for the bottle. These machines are highly efficient in nature and are automated, thus providing ease of operation. They find wide application in numerous industries as the need for branding and labeling of products is becoming an utmost priority for every company or business.

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