Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine

Injectable dry powder filling machine is a highly accurate and versatile device used for the production of dry powder medicines. It has a safety clutch system to prevent vial breakage and a high-speed electronic speed control.

An injectable dry powder filling machine has an industrial-grade stainless steel frame and is suitable for the injection of sterile powder into vials. The precision built welded steel frame, hydraulic system, and electrical features are adjustable as per the customer’s requirements. Its components are made of stainless steel for long life and are easy to clean. The precision built welded steel frame and sanitary-grade 304-grade stainless steel finish make it a highly hygienic and durable machine.

The precision built stainless-steel frame, welded steel construction, and electronic controls ensure a smooth operation and minimal wastage of powder. In addition to this, the machine has a high-quality AC voltage control and a safety clutch system. All parts that come in contact with the dry powder are made of stainless-steel and can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements. The safety clutch system ensures aseptic filling conditions and eliminates wastage of powder.

Automatic single-head filling machine with state-of-the-art fiber optic sensor and No Vial-No-Fill system. Compact size and ergonomic features, and cGMP compliant design make it a preferred choice for pharma companies. Injectable dry powder filling machines are available with different features and specifications. Some of the most popular features of the Automatic Single-Head Injectable Dry Powder Filling Machine are:

Augur Type Powder Filling Machine

The capacity of an injectable dry powder filling machine varies. A single-wheel machine can produce 50 mg to 1500mg in a single-dose while a double-wheel machine can handle up to six-gm vials. The production rate of an injectable dry-powder filling machine depends on the number of doses to be filled. It is a high-precision, cGMP injection powder filling machine with an efficient vacuum/pressure dosing system.

The dual-wheel Automated dry-powder filling machine is a versatile and highly-efficient machine that can perform multiple operations simultaneously. It is designed to fill vials of dry powder while capping them to avoid contamination. It can fill up to 230 vials per minute. It can increase production rates and is ideal for high-volume pharmaceutical packaging centers.

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