How To Pick A Tube Filling Machine?

There are many types of packaging available for almost all products require some it in some form or the other. If you need to package a liquid or paste product it would be advisable to use a tube of some kind to package it. This article explains all aspects of a tube filling machine to help you select one.

What is a Tube Filling Machine?

It is a machine that is useful to fill liquid and paste products into tubes. this covers a wide range of products. It is not easy to package products like creams, cosmetics, greases, and even pharmaceutical products fast. This machine can fill tubes efficiently irrespective of shape, size, and capacity of a tube.

Common Applications and Benefits

A tube filling machine has several applications since it’s possible to fill many types of tubes with liquid of varying level of viscosity. Here are some of the popular applications:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Medical products are available in many different tubes and containers. Such container tubes are filled using an appropriate machine. These machines are versatile and help fill relevant substances in the correct tube with help of automated and programmed machine units. These units are able to efficiently fill, seal and sort products in an appropriate manner, hence it is vital to the pharmaceutical industry. For example, it is useful to fill products like ointments, creams and liquid medicines like syrups.
  • Food Processing: This machine is also vital to food processing industry. There are a wide range of food products in the market and a fair portion of these products are packaged in tubes. There are several filling-machines available, picking a suitable machine for filling different types of tubes as per the food products is important.
  • Cosmetic Industry: The cosmetic industry makes use of a tube-filling machine extensively since almost all the products are available in some type of tube package. The cosmetic industry is very big and they have a requirement for tube-filling machines for custom size and shapes. For example, products like shampoo, liquid soap, ointments, body and hair lotions, etc are usually available in some type of tube.
  • Pesticides Manufacturing: There are many different types of pesticides that also make use of tubes for the purpose of distribution. An appropriate filling-machine will ensure the product is packaged the right away.
Automatic Single Head Tube Filling Machine, Tube Filler

Types of Machines

There are many types of filling-machines, however, it is important to pick the correct machine based on the application and nature of a product. The main type of machines includes, fully automatic, semi-automatic and rotary tube filling machine.

Which one is right for you?

Here are some of the common features:

  • Servo filling and Servo lift.
  • Configurable parameters like speed, height rise and time.
  • Offers easy changeover, sealing and cleaning.
  • Easy maintenance procedure.
  • One that can fill the appropriate type of tube-like small, large, etc.
  • Ability to exclude soft tubes, check faulty tubes.
  • Feature to set the manual or repeat cycling mode.
  • A machine that operates using compressed air instead of electricity.
  • Check for the presence of tube and stop filling process if the tube is missing.
  • User-friendly, with an integrated security system and malfunction alarm.

Filling machines are quite common for the food industry and especially the pharmaceutical industry. There are also several special-purpose tube filling-machines for products like grease, eye drops, lubricants, creams, etc. Thus, it is essential to pick the one with appropriate features.

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