How To Choose An Injectable Filling Machine?

As the global economy is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.2% over the next five years, Injectable Filling Machines are expected to gain a substantial market share by 2026. China and India are expected to account for 40% of global economic growth in this period. Furthermore, the Asia Pacific region is expected to account for 70% of the overall market for injected liquid fillers by 2026. The demand for these machines is likely to increase substantially in this region, so manufacturers should prepare themselves for a rapid growth.

Automated Liquid Filling Machine

An automated liquid filling machine is a device that is used to automatically fill a variety of containers with different types of liquid. These fillers work by filling the container from the bottom up to avoid foaming and ensure a more accurate measurement. A machine that fills by weight is preferred, as this ensures a consistent product and reduces wastage. But how do you choose an automated liquid filling machine?

A fully automated filling solution is a great option for large-scale companies. These machines can increase filling capacity, lower labour costs, and improve consistency. These machines are typically customized by a team of engineers, and they can cost six figures or more. It is best to speak with several manufacturers before selecting a machine. A manufacturer’s response time is critical in preventing emergency trouble and failure. Here are some tips for choosing an automated liquid filling machine:

These fillers can be programmed to automatically fill a range of bottles, based on the type of fluid. In addition to this, an automated filler will be able to fill bottles according to the volume and indexing specifications of the product and bottle. This ensures consistency and reliability.

Aseptic Liquid Filling Machine

An aseptic liquid filling machine is a device that is used in preparing aseptic solutions for pharmaceutical products. It is important for the machine to have the appropriate environmental conditions to avoid contamination. Hence, manufacturers should pay special attention to the quality of the machine’s components and features. Moreover, an aseptic filling machine must certified.

Aseptic containers have transparent polycarbonate panels, which eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination. Besides, high-quality seals prevent cross-contamination and provide a sanitary environment. The machine’s servo motors ensure accurate filling and minimize the cost of maintaining the machine. The PLC system used in an aseptic filling machine improves the reliability and efficiency of the machine.

Aseptic Liquid Filling Machine

In addition to having various features, aseptic filling machines also include heating chambers. In the heating chamber, the containers are heated to kill microbes. Different filling projects require varying degrees of heating. Some industries set minimum temperatures for aseptic liquid filling. After heating, containers must be cooled in a cooling chamber. The cooling chamber reduces the temperature of the filled bottles to a safe level. A suitable machine can handle various kinds of containers.

Auger Type Powder Filling Machine

Auger type injectable powder filling machine is a compact, fully automatic powder filling machine that automatically dispenses the required volume of dry syrup, liquid, or powder into the appropriate container. This machine is built to be highly accurate and features a servo-driven auger screw for precise volume control. Its rigid construction and touch screen HMI make it easy to operate, and it has the ability to fill different types of containers. The machine is ideal for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care products.

Auger powder filling machines have a high-speed, condensed structure, and are ideal for filling all types of powder. From food and drink powder to pharmaceutical, chemical, and scientific research industry powders, auger machines fill bottles automatically with a consistent amount of powder. Auger fillers are extremely durable and have a long lifespan, so you can rest assured that your products are safe and effective.

Auger Type Powder Filling Machine

The auger type powder filling machine has a tooling section where it contains a magnetic clutch and auger agitator for a consistent product. The machine has a PLC system and can be configured to fill a variety of containers. A touch screen or configurable logic controller is also available to provide additional convenience.

The Bottom Line

Automated filling machine have options for customized programming, so that they can be adapted to a company’s specific needs. These injectable filling machines are designed to fill bottles in batches. These machines feature different closure and sealing mechanisms, which minimize contamination. These machines are compatible with many packaging machines and are capable of handling different materials.

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