High Speed Ampoule Labelling Machine - How Can It Help You?

Parth Engineers and Consultant is a known company that deals in high quality printing products, supplies an exclusive High Speed Ampoule Labelling Machine to its valued clients. This machine can print in two different ways; the first way is direct printing method and the second is indirect printing method. Direct printing method uses thermal dyes that are deposited directly on the label materials, while the second method uses thermal transfer paper that is passed through the printer wheel onto the label materials and thereby creating a heat image on the label. The two-phased process then changes the color and texture of the labels instantly.

About Ampoule Labelling Machine

This labelling machine is linked with printing equipment and special coding, so that the batch number, batch date and expiry can be programmed. In direct printing method, the label is printed directly on the label materials using thermal dyes, whereas the second method involves the use of indirect thermal transfer paper. With direct printing, the label is printed directly on the substrate, while the indirect process involves passing of paper across the heated surface of the label and thereby creating a heat image on the label, which is later printed on the substrate. Both the methods have their own advantages and drawbacks, and one has to decide the type of printing method depending on the type of materials to be used and the expected outcome of the final product.

The substrate of the ampoule label printing machine is made of several layers of paper, which are fused together, using high-tech processes and special thermo-reactive materials. After printing is complete, it is then coated with various adhesives, waxes and varnishes. These coatings ensure long-lasting life for the label, as the adhesive and varnish do not wear off in normal condition. As far as the speed of the printer goes, it all depends upon the type of the materials being used for the production.

High Speed Ampoule Vial Sticker Labeling Machine

Where to Buy Ampoule Labelling Machine?

If you are looking for an affordable and effective product for your label needs go for our brand and collect information by visiting our website at https://www.parthec.com/ which has a good feedback from the customers, as well as reviews written by industry experts. When you invest in an automated label, then you will be able to reduce the time spent every day, as the manual job becomes obsolete. Thus, if you are looking for a good way to increase the productivity in your office or in the factory, then the high speed ampoules per minute is the best option for you.

This equipment has a high level of accuracy, and there is no room for mistakes when the person doing the work is not skilled enough. With the help of a high speed ampoule labelling machine, you can create high quality and professional labels, which will impress your consumers.

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