Factors To Consider While Choosing The Filling Line

Just by walking down the grocery store, we can see a wide range of beverages, shampoos, creams and other liquid products. Even with the large number of options within each product category, customers need even more. To meet the high production demands, the manufacturers are installing the filling lines such as Dry syrup filling line, Shampoo Filling Line, Cream Filling Line and Injectable Liquid Filling Machine. These high tech machines not only help in meeting the high production requirements, but also ensures accurate filling of material in the containers. It can be a complex task to choose the right filling line from a wide range of options. Here are some important factors you need to consider while choosing the filling line for your process.

Type of Product to Be Filled with Filling Line

Different types of filling machines are designed considering their intended application. For example, shampoo filling line and cream filling line is designed considering the viscosity of the product. While some of the dry syrup filling line is designed to fill dry powder in containers, the injectable liquid filling machine is designed to fill liquids. If you are planning to install a filling line, viscosity or consistency is one of the most important factors to consider. It will help you in determining what type of filling machine is best suitable for handling your product.

shampoo filling line

Type of Container to Be Used

Different types of filling machines are used to fill the product in containers of different shapes and size. One of the critical factors to consider while purchasing the filling line is types of container like bottles, jars, vials, ampoules, cans and others. In addition, the material of the container is also very important. It is important to inform the supplier about the type of container and the material of the container you will be using to fill the product. So, they can guide you for the right shampoo filling line or cream filling line suitable for your product.

Production Rate

It is important to consider the efficiency of the filling machine line, keeping the current and future production requirements in mind as it is not always feasible to upgrade your machinery. Dry syrup filling line and injectable liquid filling machine come in smaller and larger versions. Generally, the production capacity of the smaller machines is measured by the number of bottles produced per hour and for larger machines, it is measured in bottles produced per minute.

Type of Filling Automation

When you are planning to buy a filling machine, determining the type of automation is a vital aspect. Filling machines come in different types of automation – Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic. The manual filling machine is only suitable for home-based manufacturers who do not have any plan for expansion. The semi-automatic filling machine is ideal for startups and small-sized companies. It is partially automatic, but it needs some human intervention as well. The fully automatic filling machines are most suitable for large scale companies with higher production requirements.

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