External Ampoule Washing Machines

The External Ampoule Washing Machine PMAW-200 is a machine that uses distilled water and air as its cleaning media. The piping system minimizes the generation of particles while reducing power consumption. The PMAW-200 can wash up to 9000 ampoules per hour.

Features of Ampoule Washing Machines

The Ampoule washing machine features a moving system that inverts the Ampoule and feeds it into the washing zone. The washing process is automatically restarted. Besides, the piping system minimizes the risk of particle generation. Its stainless steel construction makes it reliable and versatile. Its multijet washing system is capable of delivering 150 ampoules per minute. The machine supports extreme cleaning with the use of less water. The rotary moving system is designed to handle the entire process. This machine is a great choice for pharmaceuticals. If you are interested in an Ampoule Washing Machine, please visit our website https://www.parthec.com/

Working of Ampoule Washing Machines

The External Ampoule Washing Machine is a high-speed machine with a wide range of optional units. It is safe and easy to maintain and will provide excellent sterility and operational repeatability. The machine can wash all kinds of Ampoules from 1ml to 100ml. These machines will wash all sizes and shapes of Ampoules. The dump loading process is employed for washing the ampoules in this machine. The External Ampoule Washing Machine is a highly efficient, state-of-the-art device that uses 0.5 HP power. 

The stop system of the machine works on the principle of “No Vial – No Air/Water”, which means when there is no vial or ampoule in the system, the machine won’t provide any air or water for cleaning, thus saving from unnecessary wastage and cost for the production unit. The machine will aseptically clean the ampoules and is suitable for all types of ampoules. The machine will clean out any harmful bacteria and other debris from the Ampoules. The Ampoules will be inverted and will be discharged into the feed system. Bottom washing and drying ensures that the Vials are thoroughly cleaned.

Bottle Washing Machine

Bottom Line

The Ampoule Washing Machine is an excellent option for pharmaceutical companies. The machine is ideal for washing and sterilizing Ampoules of different capacities. During the washing process, the ampoules are inserted into a stainless steel chamber and washed thoroughly to remove any contamination. The rotary Ampoule Washing Machine can wash a variety of sizes of ampoules and is designed to clean them all with the help of six washes of air and water in one cycle. And if there is no water or no vial the machine working stops automatically. This is a highly efficient machine suitable for small, medium, to large-scale industries and comes with durability with its stainless steel body.

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