Design & Print Creative Labels For Bottles And Food Products

A label gives us information regarding the contents; no matter what it may be; a bottle, jar, etc. For example, a visit to the wine section at a supermarket is likely to lead us to a nicely arranged row of bottles and there might be no one to guide us on the contents. It is necessary for us to know what we are buying and that is only possible if there is a label on each wine bottle informing us of the contents.

Having a label is a bare necessity, but that will not sell the product. An average consumer is not attracted by simple labels, but a bright, nicely designed and attractive label product is likely to grab the attention of a consumer. To ensure a good attractive label one requires a good design and a good labeling machine as well.

What is Labeling Machines?

A labeling machine is useful when it comes to the task of applying labels to products as well as containers and packages. There are many different machines available which mainly depends on the necessary application.

Different products have different labeling requirements and hence there are various machines. For example, there is a Round Bottle Labeling Machine, Top Labeller, Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine, Jar Labeling-Machine, Top Labeling-Machine, Vertical Labeling-Machine, Lotion Labeling-Machine, Self Adhesive Bottle Sticker, etc.

Bottle Labelling Machine

There are different types of labeling machines, here are a few popular ones:

  • Semi-Automatic labeling machines for small scale industries.
  • Fully Automatic ones for the front and back labeling of different shaped bottles.

Being Creative with Labels

Labels are necessary for all commercially available products by law. There is a certain amount of information that must be included on labels of every product. Since a product label is what attracts a customer’s attention, designing an attractive product-label is a vital marketing task for all companies.

It is beyond any doubt that simply having a label is not sufficient, it is necessary to have a thoughtfully designed one. Thus, it is a good investment to entrust a professional media designer for this task. A designer can do more than simply place information on a label, they can creatively design it by making use of graphics but at the same time making sure the critical information is visible. They are the experts at this hence know exactly where they should place a brand logo, align other graphics and ensure the design is both visually appealing and practical. When it comes to designing labels there is no common design. Each product will have their unique characteristics which should reflect on the label as well.

A good example of this is how a wine or beer bottles require more attractive labeling and hence more effort goes into the making of labels to ensure they have an elegant look. The print material also dictates the type of design. In case of a beer label, it is necessary to consider the temperature too, since it is likely to be chilled.

On the other hand labeling for other food products may not have an attractive design, but simply for the purpose of defining a product and stating it’s ingredients. This may include canned food products as well as jams and vinegar bottles. Thus, at the end of the day, all products do require labeling and one can be as creative as they desire with the design of a label. It works in favor of a business to design a creative and attractive label and to make use of an efficient labeling machine to trust with the printing of the label on a product or package.

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