Bottle Labeling And Capping Machines For Various Industries

Introduction– Different Packaging lines whether Manual, Semi-Automatic or Automatic include the labeling and capping machines as every product needs to be placed in a container or bottle and needs a seal. Subsequently, every manufacturer needs to use the labeler in a way that introduces their products to the consumer with crucial information.

All about Capping Machinery

Each Capping machine has its own uniquely designed feature and functionality. They serve the hygiene and safety of the product as they act as a protective barrier to eliminate contamination and change in the quality of the product due to environmental factors. A few are –

Screw Capping

The linear screw cap sealing machine - It is an automatic high-speed capping applicable for most irregular and rectangular bottles .It consists of a noiseless cap elevator to unscramble and feed caps to the whole system. If the capsize needs to be changed it requires no change in tooling or changing of parts. It is designed for the tightening of pre-threaded caps and consists of a linear capping unit. The filled bottle comes with a cap chute and the pick-up cap comes on an in-feed conveyor where the cap is tightened by three or four roller pairs of rollers while it is being held by the gripper belt.

Automatics Linear Screw Capping Machine.

The Pick and Place Type Screw Capping Machine

This machine has a pick and place type mechanism for placement on caps for the best capping accuracy. The sealing heads can be placed as per customer requirements and can be customized and very suitable for CRC caps. They ensure uniform capping and fewer rejection possibilities. Also, the sealing pressure can be varied to suit different gauges and sizes of caps.

ROPP Capping Machine

This automatic high-speed ROPP Cap Sealing Machinery is used to cap Glass or HDPE bottles in continuous rotary motion. It has self-picking cap-based mechanism for placement of caps on the bottle and subsequently, the sealing rollers perform a sealing operation during its planetary motion while ensuring proper sealing. The sealing heads can again be customized as per the industry’s requirements.

Automatic Six Head ROPP Cap-Sealing Machine

Vial Cap Sealing Machine

The Vial capping machine is used to apply the flip-off cap or tear-off cap on a sealed glass vial or bottle. They can well provide the final closure element of a sealed vial to warranty the integrity of the product. The capped vial protects the stopper from outer damage and can be smoothly removed. There are single as well as multi-head vial capping machines and can deliver high output performances in minimal downtime. The caps are kept in a vibratory bowl and automatically orient themselves in the right direction before entering the delivery chute. The vial during its rotation picks up the seal and places it in the correct position before entering the sealing turret.

Automatic Rotary Rubber Stoppering Machine

All about Labelling Machinery

The labeling machinery are highly precise ones and a wide range of formats like Flat, Oval, and Cylindrical bottles can be labeled with the help of these machines. These systems can be accurately labeled and perfectly align themselves with glass and plastic. These applicators come in type’s like-

Wet Glue Labeling Machine

This is popularly known as the round bottle labeler as well as the flat bottle labeler and even the square bottle labeler. It has the latest microprocessor-controlled gluing system with a unique twin label box design for constant delivery of labels at a very high speed. The benefit of wet glue labeling is that it allows for the application of decorative labels which can be of complex shapes. It is robust and made out of stainless steel and operates well on Plastic, PET bottles, and Tin material.

Bottle Labelling Machine

Self-Adhesive Sticker Labeller Machine

The Self Adhesive sticker labeler is most suitable for full or partial wrap-around labeling on different round containers. They are placed on a conveyor and are released at a similar distance with the help of a roller spacing device. It also has a rubber pressing belt and stationary rubber pad to ensure an accurate fixing of the label on the diameter of the bottle. It can also be used on flat and rectangular surfaces.

Bottom Line– The Capping and Labelling machines have the advantage of a universal appliance and can be applied to different sizes of round and oval bottles. The capping line and the labeling line can be updated on-demand increasing the production flexibility.

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