Benefits Of An Injectable Powder Filling Line

An Injectable Powder Filling Line has several benefits. The hopper is specially designed to prevent crossover contamination during charging of the powder. This line is easy to disassemble for cleaning. All its contact parts are SS316 and are provided with an autoclaving system. Automatic infeed and exit of vials are two of its key features. A three-phase electric supply is required, a minimum load of five HP and an air pressure of 2/3 bar. It also features a tool-less doctor blade adjustment. The filling rate of this machine is 120 per minute.

Dry Heat Sterilizer - Injectable Powder Filling Line

A Dry Heat Sterilizer is an important part of an injectable powder filling line. Its features include a compact design and GMP compliance. It is suitable for both small and large batch production and offers custom automation capabilities. These sterilizers are suitable for filling small vials up to 1000 pieces per hour. They also have options for automatic infeed and positioning of plunger stoppers.

This product is suitable for the sterilisation of washed vials and ampoules. Its high-quality construction includes double-door gaskets for maximum security and minimize air flow in the sterile area. Its double-door gaskets allow for low-temperature sterilization, while the Membrane Filter Holder provides support against pressure differential. The membranes are encased in silicone for maximum safety. It has an under drain support to prevent leakage.

Easy to Clean and Maintain Injectable Powder Filling Line

The Automatic Injectable Powder Filling Machine is equipped with a rubber stopper, fully stainless steel finish, and built-in turn tables. Its individual drives match the fill volume and ensure that the product is not contaminated during the process. Easily removable parts make cleaning and maintenance simple. The unit includes an autoclavable glove compartment, a safety clutch system, and an LCD display to display production output.

Injectable Powder Filling Line

Injectable Powder Filling Line Accuracy

A quality injectable powder filling line has several important characteristics. For starters, it can accurately measure and fill sterile injectable powder into glass vials. The accuracy of injectable powder filling depends on the bulk density and consistency of the powder. Another important factor is the level of humidity. Generally, the powder is filled under a controlled environment of 25 percent humidity. The injectable powder filling line also requires 415 volts and 50 Hz electrical supply.

Injectable dry powder filling lines are also referred to as cGMP machines. They are used to fill powder injection vials and to perform stoppering and bunging operations on the same platform. Single and double powder wheel models are available in the market. They deliver a production output of 60-200 VPM. A vacuum driven powder wheel achieves higher filling accuracy. These lines can fill anything from 50mg to 1500mg in a single dose.

Injectable Powder Filling Line Rubber Stopper

The automatic double head -Double track injectable powder filling machine is designed for round vials and can fill up to 250 Vials per minute. It is constructed of stainless steel and features individual drives and built-in turn tables. All components are made of SS316 Materials. Its unique design minimizes cross-line charging and features an automatic shut-off valve. It is also available with a toughened glass safety cabinet.

This machine is specifically designed to fill dry powder into vials and place a rubber stopper on the top. It uses a vacuum/pressure dosing system and can achieve high accuracy and precision even after long production cycles. Injectable powder filling machines are generally preferred for rounded containers because of their ability to protect the vials from contaminants. These machines are designed for efficient, sterile operation in clean rooms. They are placed close to the other filling and stoppering units to avoid cross-contamination.

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