Auger Type Powder Filling Machine

Auger type Powder Filling Machine is one of the most commonly used filling machines. This type of machine can handle a wide range of products including dry, liquid, and granular substances. Its speed and power requirements vary. These machines can also handle a variety of products. Each of these types is grouped by the amount of product they can fill. When you purchase an Auger type Powder Filling Machinery, you can rest assured that your products will be filled accurately.

The most important feature of an Auger type Powder Filling Machine is its CE Mark. This marks its safety for human health and the environment. It must also have a filling range between 250g and 1000g. It should have good HMI, stop/start controller buttons, and digital PLC. The auger also has an inverter, which checks its efficiency by converting direct current to alternating current.

The most popular Auger type Powder Filling Machines are fully automatic and come with a servo drive. It is ideal for dry and sticky powders. The pneumatic piston in the first filling head releases the bottle when the required amount has been filled. The second filling head performs the same operation and then the first moves on to the next operation. Once the second bottle is filled, the first one is released and the process begins again.

Auger type Powder Filling Machines can be easily operated by a semi-skilled operator. They are easy to clean and come with a high-capacity hopper. They can be dismantled for cleaning, and the hopper has a mixer. Moreover, these machines can be easily maintained and are designed to be flexible for any size manufacturing facility. They meet GMP requirements and are easy to maintain.

Automatic Auger Type Powder Filling Machine

The speed of the Auger type Powder Filling Machine is controlled by a PLC program controller. The auger thread measures the density of the material and the number of revolutions required by the user. In addition to speed, this machine can be easily adjusted to meet different requirements, such as the type of container. If you need to fill powder in a jar, you can also set the level of the jar using the corresponding control pulse signal.

Auger type Powder Filling Machines have been a very popular choice among pharmaceutical companies in recent years. They are simple to use and can handle a variety of products, from bulk filling to high-volume filling. Its auger agitator allows for accurate and consistent powder filling. The machine also supports the tooling. It comes with a hopper and a robot arm that reaches out the jar using a vacuum.

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