Ampoule Filling Line

Ampoule filling line consists of equipment for sterilizing and washing the ampoules. This equipment can be used for pre-heating and filling and can be customized according to the specific requirements of the customers. The equipment is also available in different sizes, which can accommodate from 120 to 400 ampoules. This machine is developed in compliance with the international standards, so that it can be used in pharmaceutical industries at a speed of 200 m/min.

The Ampoule filling and sealing line is designed to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry. It is an efficient and reliable tool for the pharmaceutical industry. It is easy to maintain, meets regulatory standards and has a high level of reliability. The machine has a slant hopper and self-centring grippers that prevent leaking of the medicine liquid. Moreover, this machine is able to fill thirty to fifty bottles per minute.

This machine can be easily operated and features a high-quality stainless steel structure. It also features a stepping transmission system. The speed range is 300 to 500 ampoules per minute. It can process all types of ampoules, from 1 to 20 ml. It meets the FDA requirements for safety and efficiency. This machine is able to achieve a speed of up to 500 m/min.

The single ampoule filling and sealing machine is a common solution for a single ampoule filling line. It is ideally suited for use in biochemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is also compatible with type C and B open mouth ampoules. It features a nitrogen injection facility before and after liquid filling. Furthermore, the HC-100 has a feature of a pre-warming unit to ensure a perfect seal of the glass. The single filling and sealing machine has a dehydration tunnel.

The Ampoule filling and sealing machine works with various types of ampoules. This equipment is suitable for both liquid and powder filling. Its accuracy, precision, and CE certification make it the ideal choice for pharmaceutical industries. The versatility and durability of the Ampoule filling and sealing machine allow it to work with all sizes and shapes. This makes it the perfect solution for small, medium, and large-scale businesses alike.

Ampoule Filling Line

This machine is based on the slant traveling principle and is used in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. It is primarily used to wash and seal ampoules, which are cylindrical and oval in shape. Depending on the size and shape of the ampoules, the production capacity can vary. For example, the 1ml size of the ampoules, the ampoule filling line can process up to 290 ampoules in a single minute.

Ampoule filling machines are more than simple sealers. They are designed to fill jars with precise amounts of liquid. They are also designed to facilitate unidirectional air flow and are ergonomically friendly. Besides being a useful piece of equipment, they are also useful in the biomedical industry. They are an ideal choice for any company that manufactures a variety of drugs, including drugs, and they can be used in a wide range of applications.

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