All About Injectable Powder Filling Line

If you’re looking to purchase an injectable powder filling line, there are a few things you should know. You should know that there are a few different kinds of machines that you’re going to need to choose from, including a capping machine, a washing machine, and a sterilizer.

What is the Application of Injectable Powder Filling Line?

The injection powder filling line is an automatic line for the injection of powder into vials. A vial is a glass bottle used for the storage of liquid. These machines are usually used for high viscosity liquids.

There are various types of powder filling machinery available in the market. Some of the common ones are Servo Vial Filling Stoppering Machine, Automatic Vial Powder Filling Machine, Automatic Vial Washing Machine, etc.

The automatic filling line is a complete set of equipments from washing to packing. It is designed in such a way that the process of production is streamlined. For this purpose, each machine has a conveyor that connects the next. This saves on labour and is helpful in pharmaceuticals. In addition, the access doors increase the longevity of the machine.

What is the Need of Sterilizer in Injectable Powder Filling Line?

A quality injectable powder filling line is designed to measure sterile injectable powder accurately and efficiently. This is done by having a compact installation and is energy saving.

The dry heat sterilizer is an important part of the injection powder filling line. It is suitable for small or large batches. There are options to have automatic infeed, plunger stoppers and more. It has the capability to autoclave washed vials, and is compliant with GMP requirements.

Injectable powder filling machines are generally used in a controlled environment with 25 percent humidity. These systems are designed to provide efficient sterile operation in a clean room. They work by using a vacuum/pressure dosing system and vibrating mechanical agitators.

The hopper on the injectable powder filling line is easy to disassemble for cleaning. The hopper also prevents cross-contamination during charging powder.

Injectable Powder Filling Line

Filling and Stoppering Machine

An automatic powder filling line includes equipment for washing, filling, and capping, all in a single unit. The vials are filled by injectable dry powder and sealed with rubber stoppers. These are used to package pharmaceutical products such as antibiotics and drugs.

This machine works on a high performance motor rated. It is also equipped with a safety clutch to prevent breakage of the vial.

The pneumatic components of the filling and stoppering machine are made of quality materials. All the parts coming in contact with the product are also made of quality materials.

Capping Machine

Features of Capping machine

A capping machine is an important part of the manufacturing process of sterile and liquid injectable products. This machinery ensures that the product is sealed correctly and maintains the integrity of the drug inside the container.

These machines come in different forms and are designed to fit a wide range of caps. The multi head rotary type, for example, is dedicated to the capping of injectable products and is available in various configurations. It delivers a high output per minute.

Its main features include the capability to seal flip off caps and can apply traditional aluminium caps. Furthermore, the machine is suitable for applications in conventional and isolation environments.

All exposed parts are cladded in stainless steel. An endless conveyor belt prevents the jamming of the assembly due to powder spill. In addition, it includes a variable ac frequency drive that controls the speed of the conveyor.

The Bottom Line

Injectable Powder Filling Line is one of the best machines in the pharmaceutical industry. This machine allows health workers to fill vials safely and efficiently.

Using the automated filling machine, health personnel can increase their productivity and reduce their workload. They can also be customized to suit the specific requirements of the client.

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