All About Complete Dry Syrup Filling Line

Dry syrup filling line is an effective machine that is used in different industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, etc. Mostly considered for pharmaceutical applications, the machine allows the glass and HDPE bottles for the operation that are round in shape. The filling line for dry syrup boasts of very high accuracy that can go in the range of ± 2 %. It is a highly versatile machine as by changing the parts, one can accommodate differently shaped and sized bottles. A more enhanced version of this machine- dry syrup filling and capping machine is multiple operations performing machine. As the machine fills the container with its suitable content, it then places a cap on the head of the container. Capping off the containers prevents their content from contaminations, thus keeping the product’s integrity intact.

Operation of Dry Syrup Filling Line

A typical dry syrup filling machine is comprised of a turntable housing a container that is dried and sterilized before the operation. It is done to make sure that the ingredients do not have any moisture content in them. Through the containers, the ingredient is fed to the starwheel that finally transfers the container below the funnel. There is also a provision of a lifter assembly to move the bottles so that they get a tight fit inside the tunnel. The funnel removes any unwanted particles from the ingredient in order to maintain complete purity. The powder in the powder hopper is then agitated to maintain consistency and uniform bulk density. As the powder wheel rotates, the desired and precise amount of the agitated powder is sucked into the powder port as per the length of the piston. This determines the amount of powder to be filled. In the case of excess powder, the doctor blades remove them to make sure that there is no wastage of the raw material.

Automatic Rotary Dry Syrup Filling Machine

Advantages of Dry Syrup Filling Line

The dry syrup filling line is one of a kind machine that is designed to increase the production speed as well as quality in the most economical way possible. The conveyor of the machine has a separate variable drive to control the speed of conveyor so that the power is not distributed, thus maintaining complete efficiency. This machine is powered by an A.C frequency drive that makes sure that the machine is not harmed in case of power fluctuations. One of the highlights of the machine is the presence of no bottle no fill system. It makes sure that the machine does not operate in situations when there is no bottle. This feature reduces the wastage of raw materials that are very costly.

Application of Dry Syrup Filling Line

Dry syrup filling line is most extensively preferred for application in industries, namely pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, etc. The fact that it makes sure that the ingredients are completely de-contaminated and free from adulterants explains why it is preferred for pharmaceutical applications. Even for the food industry applications, the filling line makes sure that the product density is uniform throughout. It maintains the consistency of the particles as well that justifies its immense usage in this industry.

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